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the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle

an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good

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One explanation for this finding is that the source of the reported sexual satisfaction for the hedonists and the absolutists/relativists may be different.
As much as I would like to blame the individuals for being junkie hedonists hell-bent on feel-good food consumed with reckless abandonment, it's not all their fault.
Druids, hippies and hedonists are among the regulars.
Druids, hippies and hedonists are among the regulars of the annual knees-up at the 5,000-year-old site.
Pierre Trudeau baptized this revolution and its philosophy of liberation using its language of idealism--the language of "rights and freedoms" and "the rule of law" and "democracy" to great effect thereby giving the hedonists and materialists the moral high ground.
Nestled in the heart of tropical Miami, Doral Golf Resort & Spa is an oasis of pleasure for health nuts and hedonists alike.
Notorious Welsh hedonists, the Drunken Cardiff Loons are a trio of friends, led by spokesman Jimbo, who said: 'It would be fantastic for the city.
This was done, in part, to alter a stereotype that spa owners are either hippies or over-sexed hedonists.
None of the women in Nafisi's class fits the American stereotype of Iranians as being either religious zealots wholly committed to the regime or irreligious hedonists aping pious behaviors because the mullahs force them to.
The members of the British band Primal Scream, who originally gained fame as drug-addled hedonists, have taken a page from Rage Against the Machine's little red playbook, lately recasting themselves as born-again followers of Noam Chomsky, the tenured MIT professor and favorite "dissident" intellectual of politicized rock bands everywhere.
Hobbs paid just 5,500 guineas to secure Papo Kharisma from Arthur Moore's yard last May and initially passed him on to the eight-strong Hedonists syndicate on a free lease to see whether they liked him.
But researchers face a much deeper challenge than how best to model the calculations of selfish hedonists.
Director Sean Matthias and production designer Stephen Brimson Lewis have evocatively reimagined an abandoned Glasgow power plant as a corroded club paradise for Berlin's hedonists, where fire bursts and sparklers offer orgasmic exclamation as bald male dancers writhe in black evening gowns, couples of all configurations hump in alcoves, and Mick Jagger descends from a swing in full drag to croon about pretty men.
Dashiell's mordantly humorous representation of lesbians as sexy aliens and gay men as cannibalistic hedonists is also a pointed parody of homophobes' worst nightmares.
Frontman and guitarist Greig McRitchie is formerly of The Hedonists, while drummer Phil Cohen hails from famed band The Heaters.