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United States writer of stories and plays (1894-1946)


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39) Hecht unknowingly fulfilled the criteria for effective propaganda articulated by experts.
It just seemed like the natural thing to do," says Hecht as he talks about the newly formed Animal Agriculture Alliance.
Actually, it was knowing too much about who was coming in and out that bothered Hecht and other neighbors.
About 3 years ago, Hecht was creating a large library of novel proteins when he caught the materials bug.
Hecht said the planned European Football League would comprise of two tournaments - a 32-club Super League and another competition called Pro- Cup.
If you're running a company whose stock is dead in the water, this is a godsend," says Hecht.
The children did not want Hecht to have the sperm because they believed she knew their father was going to kill himself and did nothing to stop him.
a leading nationwide mortgage lending institution encompassing Retail, Wholesale and Correspondent business channels, announced today the appointment of James Hecht to the role of Executive Vice President - Strategic Development.
56 percent would be less likely to vote for Hecht after learning he had a $29,000 ethics fine imposed on him for campaign contribution violations.
Both Hecht and Brown will be on the ballot in 2014.
Edited by Tobias Hecht (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2002.
Hecht, and their coworkers had found that urine of smokers and people wearing nicotine patches contains two nicotine metabolites, keto acid and hydroxy acid, but that these compounds didn't derive from cotinine.
According to a survey by the Lee Hecht Harrison outplacement firm, executive coaching passed the fad stage long ago.
The league plan, which has attracted interest from Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Manchester United's Alex Ferguson, was not merely a commercial operation, said Rudolfo Hecht, who heads the Milan-based marketing agency Media Partners.
Hecht has joined the company as a Partner and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer.