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a Semitic alphabet used since the 5th century BC for writing the Hebrew language (and later for writing Yiddish and Ladino)

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Throughout, wherever there are citations in Hebrew script, either a transcription or a translation is provided.
A tiny book, with Hebrew script and bright illuminations, sold at auction Saturday for $33,000.
The document is in ancient Hebrew script in a style of writing mainly known from the Dead Sea Scrolls and from inscriptions in ossuaries and coffins.
The Biblical Hebrew text is given both in Hebrew script and in Roman transliteration, but there is no English translation or pronunciation guide.
THE Spice Girl's tattoos include five stars on her lower back - one for each family member, husband David's initials on the underside of her left wrist and Hebrew script on her upper back that reads "I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine".
Filled with occult symbols, algebraic lines, musical notes, and pieces of Cyrillic and Hebrew script, the rebuses, which Pomerand called metagraphics, are more than mere parlor games.
And if you want to add some Jewish heritage to your little Bubeleh's wardrobe, you can pick up the "Pischer" (cute little stinker), "Mini Mensch" (good little man) or "Shayna Punim" (pretty face) shirts available in the same 100-percent cotton design with Hebrew script.
The Hebrew script for those same lyrics is at the bottom of the page, or in a few instances because of length, on the opposing page.
For example, he discusses Aylon's questioning of Orthodox values through her works, and Shahn's use of Hebrew script in his images.
The rabbis had found remains from earlier periods written in a Hebrew script different from their own.
Other important cultural developments, including Hebrew script and the Jewish calendar, were developed as a result of the captivity.
Marion Aptroot's article "The Emergence of Yiddish Literature" uses the scholarly debate over a collection of ancient manuscripts in Hebrew script in order to point out the linguistic and ideological stakes in determining the border between Middle High German and Yiddish.
At her wedding, Britney Spears gave out goodie bags embroidered with Hebrew script taken from a Kabbalah handbook.
These notes are in small print, and in them Hebrew words are printed in Hebrew script.
While only inscriptions in ancient Hebrew script (the First Temple precursor of the Aramaic square script introduced into Jewish society in the Persian period) appear on the coinage of Hyrcanus I and Aristobulus I, Greek inscriptions appear regularly in the time of Alexander Jannaeus.