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Synonyms for Hebraic

of or relating to the language of the Hebrews

of or relating to or characteristic of the Hebrews

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First, I will examine the influence of the Hebraic Republic, which was transferred from early modern Europe to the American colonies.
Similar to Levinas and other poets like Franz Kafka, Agnon wrote during a meaningful transition in Hebraic history.
writes, "If the withered or rotted roots of today's church are to become revived through a new understanding of the church's Hebraic beginnings, the church must nourish itself from the sources, those central documents vital to Hebraic thought and life that have shaped Judaism over the centuries" (38).
One portion of the population remained to breathe new life into the Hebraic model.
Since the development of the Western mental health establishment has been largely underwritten by Classical Greek attitudes and values, the Hebraic worldview has been suppressed if not completely ignored within the development of psychoanalytic metatheory.
For example, in the building of the New Haven settlement he used biblical and Hebraic sources to pattern the town after scriptural Jerusalem.
A Fresh Look at the Victory of the Lamb of God - Revelation Chapters 13 - 22 Founder/Director of the Institute for Hebraic Christian Studies, Dr.
The Hebraic consciousness of prayer, reflection, study and education formed the architectural and spatial concepts and the organization within the building," said John Cetra, founding partner of CetraRuddy and design principal of the project.
Estes explains why questions are important, how they function in ancient and contemporary contexts, as well as between the Hebraic and Greco-Roman contexts of Jesus and John's time.
In addition to the family members mentioned above, Sylvia is survived by her sister, Renee Scherzer who was a teacher of Hebraic studies and the sacred Jewish texts for many years in Jewish schools.
Booker looks at the context of the book of Revelation of the Bible from the Hebraic roots.
In the Hebraic mindset of the Bible, in the oft-employed metaphor of darkness used to depict evil and/or sin, whether it is used in an intellectual or moral sense, the darkness is absolute.
Nevertheless, they will profit by being (reintroduced to the Patristic material, by exploring the Hebraic background of many Lukan constructs, and by learning fascinating tidbits from the nineteenth and twentieth century history of biblical scholarship.
Perhaps it is high time that our clergy return to the apostolic Hebraic practice of earning a lay livelihood.
This requires an integration of the contributions of both the Hellenic and Hebraic cultures, not the severing of the two (contra G.