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There is a fine line to tread between the higher margins on fresh and wastage and a heavy labour investment.
This isn't a difficult project, but it does involve some heavy labour and you're likely to need a whole weekend to complete it, although it can be done in stages.
When my son would see me eyeing yet another monster rock, he'd just roll his eyes, because he knew he was in for some heavy labour," she jokes.
Inger Thune, a researcher at the Institute for Social Research at Tromso University, said that physical activity has a clear protective effect against breast cancer, as does heavy labour.
Shenzhen, one of China's Special Economic Zones (SEZ), was once little more than a Wild West-style border town -- all concrete and dust, immigrants and heavy labour.
Our attention is directed first to peasant mobility: peasants moved into the Ramsey manors to take up large customary tenures at a time of steep population growth and heavy labour services, but also, in a not dissimilar fashion, at a time when labour services were being relaxed.
The heavy labour and shortage of oxygen mean that the lung capacity of most miners is shot by the time they're in their 30s.
End users are willing to pay more for automatic solutions that can help them reduce heavy labour costs, as well as address factors such as queuing and long repair and diagnosis times," remarks the analyst of this research service.
the o do ople who ditional "These three policemen turns to interrogate me and they often said to threaten m'If you don't stop practising Gong you will never be rele"Like all other people in tlabour camp, I was forced to extremely heavy labour.
Japan's electronics giants have struggled to cope with a strong yen, falling prices, heavy labour costs and fierce competition from foreign rivals including South Korea's Samsung.
It can be very hard and heavy labour with long days and nights.
But this year due to high inflation, poor yield and heavy labour cost, price of the turmeric had also gone up," said Sivakumar, a turmeric seller.
I am not going to have them all doing heavy labour in the quarries.
In the aftermath of this, the fishermen then capture the fish in their nets and then draw them on board in a night of long and heavy labour.
But with senior party figures including leader Charles Kennedy visiting the North-East throughout the campaign to urge a protest vote over Iraq, any heavy Labour losses will inevitably also be seen in that context.