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Consider the words of Revelation: "nothing unclean shall enter" the heavenly city (21:27).
The views expressed on these pages concerning reason and revelation also bring to mind the work of Carl Becker in The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers (New Haven, Conn.
He often employed for the church the image of the pilgrimage to the heavenly city, Jerusalem.
While it is a short work written primarily for high school students, Citizens of the Heavenly City makes ample use of Scripture, a number of doctors and fathers of the Church, as well as no fewer than fifty-one papal documents from most of the popes of the last two centuries.
I agree; the heavenly city is too fine a place to retire to when I could take up residence there today.
In Book XIX of The City of God, Augustine explores the question of how citizens of the heavenly city should interact with earthly political systems during their pilgrimage in the earthly city.
As such, all cities bear an analogical relation to the heavenly city.
The Ten Deadly Realms' by Vanessa Williamson and Deserie Questell is a story about specially chosen warriors whose mission is to save their heavenly city and the Earth from evil warlords, vampires and horrible creatures by fighting their way through ten deadly realms - from the realm of Hell to the realm of Humanity.
Marco in Venice, which is the most elaborate preserved example of a widespread medieval type of representation of the Heavenly City (fig.
finds that the messages to the Smyrnans and the Laodiceans present Christ as a moral philosopher (Stoic) inviting the addressees to focus their hopes on the "true" wealth of the heavenly city.
It is a pilgrimage or journey towards the new Jerusalem, the heavenly City of God.
29) The heavenly city takes advantage of this peace, but it also understands that "the perfectly ordered and harmonious enjoyment of God and of one another in God" is what "alone can be truly called and esteemed the peace of the reasonable creatures .
King David is said to have visited this heavenly city in his dreams.
JOHN the Evangelist's mystic vision of the end of time, the Apocalypse, contrasts the earthly city of Babylon, which is to be destroyed, with the heavenly city of Jerusalem, which would descend from heaven to take its place.
It is thirty stories high with twelve subterranean levels and impossibly contains reconstructions of, among many other things, parks and ponds, a Moorish Bazaar, with "sales clerks dressed as Arabs and trained in the art of bargaining," an opium den, street-gang fights, an insane asylum "in which more than two hundred actors and actresses portrayed patients suffering from more than two hundred delusions of melancholia," a Museum of Waxworks Vivants, with "living actors impersonating waxworks," and "the Heavenly City, based on the reports of more than one hundred mystics.