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The confrontation with the goatlike Kelly, with its infernal sexual temptations and redemptive parapet-walking terror, completes Rojack's repudiation of Satan and arrival at the heavenly city.
Elegantly moving between textual analysis and Dante's personal historical perspective, Ardissino demonstrates Dante's understanding of justice as the defining and differentiating factor between the terrestrial state, principally Florence, and the heavenly city of the celestial Rose, acknowledging both Dante's debt and originality to Augustine.
PIET VISSER presents an analysis of the manifold metaphor of the Heavenly City in Dutch Mennonite Edifying Literature in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
With the sixteenth-century "debacle" as background, York argues that the primary allegiance of Christians to the heavenly city actually makes them better, more engaged, citizens of earthly cities.
Augustine's consolation is that "it [the City of God] leads a what we may call a life of captivity in this earthly city as in a foreign land, although it has already received the promise of redemption, and the gift of Spirit as a pledge of it" and that "this heavenly city is .
Consider the words of Revelation: "nothing unclean shall enter" the heavenly city (21:27).
The views expressed on these pages concerning reason and revelation also bring to mind the work of Carl Becker in The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers (New Haven, Conn.
In one chapter, entitled "The Heavenly City of the Twentieth-Century Progressives," Taylor interprets the writings of Walter Lippmann, Herbert Croly, and John Dewey as utopian and overly critical of those unable to accept their new world vision.
He often employed for the church the image of the pilgrimage to the heavenly city, Jerusalem.
While it is a short work written primarily for high school students, Citizens of the Heavenly City makes ample use of Scripture, a number of doctors and fathers of the Church, as well as no fewer than fifty-one papal documents from most of the popes of the last two centuries.
I agree; the heavenly city is too fine a place to retire to when I could take up residence there today.
In Book XIX of The City of God, Augustine explores the question of how citizens of the heavenly city should interact with earthly political systems during their pilgrimage in the earthly city.
As such, all cities bear an analogical relation to the heavenly city.
The Ten Deadly Realms' by Vanessa Williamson and Deserie Questell is a story about specially chosen warriors whose mission is to save their heavenly city and the Earth from evil warlords, vampires and horrible creatures by fighting their way through ten deadly realms - from the realm of Hell to the realm of Humanity.
Marco in Venice, which is the most elaborate preserved example of a widespread medieval type of representation of the Heavenly City (fig.