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An official of the institution said on Sunday that the SSUET took a lead in the establishment of a heat-stroke treatment center which was inaugurated by the Chancellor SSUET on Thursday.
He also directed the health officials all over the province for red alert to cope with eventualities due to heat-strokes.
Nationally, there has not been one heat-stroke death in football at the college level during practice or games from 2003 to 2008; heat stroke deaths have only occurred during out-of-sea-son conditioning.
The coaches had heard that Stringer died six days after the heat-stroke death of a University of Florida freshman during voluntary summer conditioning drills.
Chris Boardman beat the twin hazards of heat-stroke and dangerous roads to grab an Olympic bronze for Britain.
MIRPURKHAS -- The Health Department, in connection with expected heat-stroke patients Tuesday issued directives to adopt precautionary measures in this regard.