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Synonyms for omeprazole

antacid (trade name Prilosec) that suppresses acid secretion in the stomach

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1 antacid, Turns has always been proud to offer fast heartburn relief in every bite," said senior brand manager Stacey Harris.
Surpass was introduced two years ago by the Wrigley Healthcare Division as a functional gum providing heartburn relief.
Try: Rennie Duo, Asilone Antacid, Phillips' Milk Of Magnesia or Bisodol Heartburn Relief
24 Hours of Complete Heartburn Relief is Possible with the Purple Pill They Call Prilosec.
That's why I love new Prilosec OTC Wildberry - it gives me the same frequent heartburn relief as Prilosec OTC, but now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor*.
Pain relief, headache, cold, knee, heartburn relief products
New TUMS freshers, the biggest TUMS innovation in more than 80 years, works to provide a combination of fast heartburn relief and fresh breath.
Medicinal gums are not exactly a burgeoning market: Wrigley earlier this year pulled the plug on Surpass--a heartburn relief gum--due to lagging sales.
Specifically, daytime and nighttime heartburn symptoms were analyzed with regard to percentage of complete heartburn relief as well as average heartburn severity at days 1 to 3 and the end of weeks 1, 2, and 8 of treatment.
The products--which include Headache Relief to Go and Heartburn Relief to Go-- are intended to treat various common ailments.
We don't expect that to change, given our strong record of providing all-day and all-night heartburn relief with just one pill a day.
Pvalues for percentages of patients achieving heartburn relief for selected days were obtained by application of the chi-square test to the 2 x 2 contingency table.
New Prilosec OTC Wildberry offers the same frequent heartburn relief as the #1 Doctor Recommended(+) original Prilosec OTC, now with a special coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor.
Contained in credit card-size packets for on-the-go use, UrgentRx flavored powder medicines include Critical Care Aspirin to Go, Headache Relief to Go, Heartburn Relief to Go, Upset Stomach Relief to Go, Ache & Pain Relief to Go and Allergy Attack Relief to Go.