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a charming person who is irresponsible in emotional relationships

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a narrow defeat or a defeat at the last minute

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As founder member of The Heartbreakers alongside former New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan, Lure carved his name in punk folklore as part of the ill-fated Anarchy tour with the Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash that crashed following the Pistols' infamous appearance on the Bill Grundy Show.
The latest album, Hypnotic Eye, boasts what Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers do best - great, uncomplicated, American rock'n'roll.
SiriusXM listeners will also hear Petty and the members of the Heartbreakers discuss the creation of some of their most notable songs as well as some memorable moments on tour.
Here he and the Heartbreakers are recorded live in the studio without overdubs at their bluesy best.
The guitars also included a Mike Campbell model Dusenberg created for Heartbreakers guitar player Mike Campbell for the band s 30th anniversary in 2006.
It has been reported that the film is embroiled in a plagiarism controversy ever since Heartbreakers distributors opened up about their doubts on the originality of Jodi Breakers.
Petty and his trusty Heartbreakers sound like a fine-tuned, well-oiled machine that purrs like a kitten and percolates with the precision of seasoned veterans.
5 million lofts and $3,000-a-month rentals on the formerly dilapidated Lower East Side where the Ramones, the Heartbreakers and Television once scuffled.
Friends star Matthew Perry came third in the poll, with Jennifer Love Hewitt living up to her role in chick flick Heartbreakers by taking fourth place.
Heartbreakers boasts good performances from a strong cast, including Ray Liotta and Hackman, and packs in enough laughs to make it genuinely enjoyable to watch.
In Heartbreakers (1984), Mancuso plays a confused businessman competing with artist Peter Coyote for Carol Laure's affections.
The stars came out in force in Birmingham last night for the UK charity gala screening of US blockbuster Heartbreakers.
His melodies and chords avoid easy hooks: Despite the involvement of such studio pros as Benmont Tench of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers and Beatle buddy Jim Keltner, only a couple of tracks could be considered catchy or radio-ready.
The week of November 22nd Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Reprise Records will release The Live Anthology, a multiple-disc set of recordings drawn from thirty years of live performances.