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an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker


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Dear Miriam MY heart pacemaker is saving my life but I hate the fact it has to be cut out to change the batteries.
GOOD news - Lulu's elderly pet pooch has just been treated to a pounds 2500 heart pacemaker.
The laboratory also has a 10 bed ward and for the first time allows patients to have heart pacemaker operations at Aintree rather than having to be referred elsewhere.
A GUIDE dog has been given a new lease of life thanks to a human heart pacemaker.
com) - First heart pacemaker designed to recruit reparative stem cells to damaged or weakened heart tissue via a homing signal.
His mum remarried, and now the man, that Katherine calls grandad is also set to have a heart pacemaker fitted.
He advised the pensioner to see his GP immediately, and within days of being examined by a specialist, Trevor was diagnosed with a cardiac problem, whisked into hospital and fitted with a heart pacemaker.
SCOTS pop legend Lulu is spending pounds 2500 to have her pet dog fitted with a heart pacemaker.
A GRANDMOTHER has just had her 22nd heart pacemaker fitted - almost 44 years after she made history with her first lifesaver.
Natalie Wild has undergone a rare operation at Birmingham Children's Hospital to put a revolutionary heart pacemaker - half the normal size in her chest.
Poppy the cairn terrier is feeling tickety-boo - thanks to a HUMAN heart pacemaker.
Task 5 - dwulamowy heart pacemaker with CLS function
Leonhardt patented inventions include the first heart pacemaker able to recruit reparative stem cells to damaged heart tissue (MyoStim Pacers).
Grace needed five operations to fit a heart pacemaker and correct her bowel, but the girls are now inseparable at home.