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an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker


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Sheikh Sabah, who in February 2000 underwent heart pacemaker surgery, had also travelled to New York last September for medical tests.
The first heart pacemaker was implanted wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?
Sir David Attenborough The veteran nature presenter has undergone surgery for a pacemaker after it was found his heart rate was too slow with Dr Craig Lennox SIR David Attenborough had emergency surgery to insert a heart pacemaker last week.
Summary: Vatican City: Pope Benedict had a heart pacemaker installed some time ago but was not .
The claimant said the heart pacemaker implanted in his body at the hospital had a defect.
1958: Dr Ake Senning of Sweden announced that he had implanted the first internal heart pacemaker.
The principle is similar to the better-known heart pacemaker, where electric current is applied via implanted electrodes stimulating the nerve tissue.
In 2002 my mother needed to be rushed into hospital urgently to have a heart pacemaker fitted, again on a Saturday morning.
We will try to intensify his heart function, so we may add another heart pacemaker beside the existing one,'' he said.
He was one cockerel shy of getting a heart pacemaker, apparently.
The device, about the size of a heart pacemaker, delivers a steady stream of electrical pulses that block the pain messages sent along the spine from reaching the brain, where pain is perceived.
LITTLE Chloe Genus is all kitted out for her first day at school - complete with a heart pacemaker.
In 1995, Guidant reassigned him to the Cardiac Heart Pacemaker division, and in his first year, he took sales from $500,000 to $5.
Take a heart pacemaker and put some sensors, a logic chip, a GPS receiver and a cell phone in it.
Even before then, Folkman created the first implantable heart pacemaker and the first implantable drug-delivery capsule.