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The grant will be utilised for the procurement of two school vans and setting up of a bakery at the school to impart training to hearing impaired students.
The aim of the acquisition is to provide interpretation services for hearing impaired and hearing impaired persons in the Eastern Purchasing Area (Pijt-Hme, Etel-Savo, Etel-Karjala and Kymenlaakso provinces).
She stated that the hearing impaired faced discrimination from society because they were perceived as hard to work with because of their lack of communication.
Kaleem Imam said that NH and MP is working to address the issues faced by hearing impaired people while traveling on road.
In order to meet the problems and challenges of the hearing impaired child's education regionally and internationally, the following study was carried out.
Most of the parents mentioned that they need counseling in domains including; assessment and diagnosis of hearing impairment, communication strategies with hearing impaired children, speech therapy, hearing aid maintenance and dealing problems of hearing impaired children.
Muscat: Consanguineous marriages - union between two individuals who are related as second cousins or closer - could be the major reason for hearing loss among many hearing impaired people in the Sultanate, health experts and the association of the hearing impaired said.
Finally, the current study might help families with hearing impaired children to understand citizenship concepts that might be developed in their children and how to embed them into their lifestyle.
A well-written policy that can be used by managers and employees to respond to hearing impaired patients will help organizations function at their highest capacity to provide excellent patient care and customer service.
Ellie, one of our hearing impaired pupils says: "I can join in everything at school because people can help me if I need it and I can go to all the clubs.
Mild hearing impaired adolescents scored significantly higher on school social behavior.
Members of the hearing impaired community were previously grouped within the umbrella of the Oman Association for the Disabled.
The study was undertaken to know the feasibility of two staged hearing screening method in finding the incidence of hearing impairment in newborns and its applicability for early diagnosis of hearing impaired, in addition to identifying risk factors not enlisted in HRR of JCIH.
For comparison, the researchers repeated the test with individuals who were not hearing impaired.
The Boylston Fire Department and the Board of Health are asking you to help us identify people in town who are deaf or who have severely impaired hearing and would benefit from having hearing impaired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their home.
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