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dog trained to assist the deaf by signaling the occurrence of certain sounds

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The 67-year-old is virtually deaf and so Pip, who has been trained by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, acts as her ears.
We hope our passengers welcome the opportunity to help our first charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.
Without volunteers, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People wouldn't exist, and they are an absolute inspiration.
The charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, launched at Crufts in 1982, matches dogs to owners and offers training and support.
Pictured is Barbara Maughan with hearing dog Chloe and Gail Webb from the Britannic.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People first launched its Togs for Dogs campaign in 2003, and since then the scheme has raised awareness throughout hundreds of schools.
A Hearing Dogs for Deaf People spokeswoman said: "The training of each dog is a lengthy process that costs thousands of pounds.
Staff at Hearing Dogs were intrigued and decided to take on the challenge.
Karyn Brown, of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, saw their plight on TV and decided they would be great companions for deaf people.
HEARING Dogs for Deaf people, the charity that trains dogs to alert people to everyday sounds, is looking for people to take part in a sponsored walk with a difference - to walk on hot coals.
When I grab his Hearing Dogs jacket he is very enthusiastic,but he does control his excitement out on the street or in a shop.
Money raised from the entry fees will be split between Solihull Breast Friends and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.
Hearing dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs, sniffer dogswho can sniff out drugs, bombs and a dead body following a fire.
There are only about 100 hearing dogs in Scotland at the moment, but with one in seven people having some kind of hearing difficulty, more people could benefit from having a pet who could also act as a pair of ears.