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Further studies to provide evidence in favor of preventive measures for hearing disorders and CNS involvement are warranted which could contribute to a better prognosis of the condition.
22) evaluated 411 children with CP and found that as GMFCS and BFMF levels increased, the frequency of problems such as comorbid learning disability, visual disorders, and hearing disorders also increased.
Therefore, the purpose of the current study is to investigate and to associate the self-perception of hearing disorders, hearing loss risk factors, and habits in farmers.
Middle ear and hearing disorders of schoolchildren aged 7-10 years in South Sinai, Egypt.
As in other reports in the literature, the most common complaints in our study were ear and hearing disorders, epistaxis, balance disorders, pharyngotonsillar pathologies and head and facial trauma.
Few projects have been started with the aim of early diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Hearing Disorders
Amina Al Qubaisi, head of the maternal and child health section and National Centre for Mother and Child Health in Abu Dhabi, emphasised the importance of the programme, which will have a positive impact on the early screening of hearing disorders among the newborn babies.
CNI specializes in providing a resource center for individual facing neurological conditions such as hearing disorders.
The volume begins by characterizing the importance of hearing in the early years, the genetic and neurological bases of hearing loss, and fundamentals of presentation, evaluation, and management of hearing disorders.
Abu Dhabi: People with hearing disorders can now attend story-telling sessions delivered in sign language, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City announced in a statement on Tuesday.
It should be noted that Abdullah has been suffering from hearing disorders for 3 years and that he obtained an application form no.
Here follows the description, "The most common medical problems suffered by troops returning from the two wars include: diseases of the musculoskeletal system (principally joint and back disorders); mental health disorders; central nervous system and endocrine system disorders; as well as respiratory, digestive, skin and hearing disorders.
The findings could lead to new diagnostic tests for hearing disorders.
This is a powerful testimony to the possibilities of hearing disorders and adaptations to disability, and is a 'must' for not only health but general-interest collections who will find Shea's story positively riveting.