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receiver consisting of a pair of headphones

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The patent shows that LG's VR headset will have a peculiar design wherein it is capable of detaching in half between the displays.
The first goal of the Headsets Helpline is not to refer consumer questions to the manufacturer.
Amplifier--The device used with a headset that increases the voltage, current or power of a signal.
Because Bluetooth headsets are small and easy to lose, Cleary developed unique holders that make it easy and fast to answer calls and while preventing headset loss.
What is important to note is that the VR gaming experience might function better since many standalone headsets are expected to use eye-tracking technology which will concentrate the quality of VR in the user's field of vision, improving gameplay.
With 1,900 employees and sales offices around the world, GN develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of wireless headsets for mobile consumers and both wireless and corded headsets for contact centre and office-based users.
CSR has launched a new Bluetooth chip and example design that dramatically reduces the cost of Bluetooth headsets and stimulates market demand.
HELP THEM BE HANDS-FREE: Bluetooth Headsets are the perfect complement to a variety of Sprint Nextel phones.
The company licenses its technology to international manufacturers of hearing aids, headsets and other communication devices, and has a high performance team of audiologists, scientists, software programmers and DSP engineers, led by a business and management team, focused on rapid product development, scientific validation and sound commercial partnership.
The WirelessUSB LP headset board includes a Cypress Wireless enCoRe II flash microcontroller, a low power Winbond CODEC, and a rechargeable battery with the radio module.
As one of the world's smallest headsets available, the stylish scala-600[TM] includes voice dial and redial features, a noise reduction microphone, speaker booster, and echo canceling technology for clearer conversations.
VXI Corporation has introduced two new products into their RoadWarrior[TM] family of cellular phone headsets for truck drivers: The CP100-TK and CP150-TK wired headsets.
Addressing the demand in the trucking industry for wireless headsets that block road and engine noise, VXI Corporation has introduced the BlueParrott[R] Roadwarrior[TM] B150-TK wireless Bluetooth headset for Bluetooth enabled cellular phones.