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any sail set forward of the foremast of a vessel

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That new interpretation led to a report from the Chief Measurer, saying Telefonica had one too many headsails on Leg 4, even though they were within the maximum number of total sails.
Compounding the problem, he had the wrong sail mounted and had to go up on the pitching foredeck to take the big headsail down, but he decided he couldn't rig a smaller sail.
I was called together with Pete and Vicki, as we were on standby to help do a racing headsail change.
47-metre carbon mast supports huge headsails that fly from the long bowsprit, showing that Rambler 88 is a powerful reaching boat for those long ocean races.
She still carries the original mast but has twin furling headsails, a fully battened mainsail, a bimini top over the cockpit, more creature comforts below decks where she is fitted out in Tasmanian blackwood, a teak cockpit table that is a work of art, and a new MD 20-40 diesel motor.
The sailplan is high aspect non-overlapping headsails that favours IRC handicapping, but in cruising mode a 105 percent genoa is available, while downwind the asymmetric spinnaker flies from the retractable carbon bowsprit.
The high aspect rig has non-overlapping headsails as favoured by IRC and the E-glass/vinylester vacuum-infused, laminated hull has little overhang with plenty of stability and stiffness thanks to the light rig and deep keel.
The sail plan for the X6 includes furling headsails with optional hydraulic rams, self-tacking jibs, and an inner forestay, plus asymmetric spinnaker to fly from the signature X-Yachts bowsprit.
So far Patrice's program development has involved fitting a larger (squared topped) mainsail and new headsails for regattas.
New features include twin helms, twin rudders and a six-foot bowsprit, which allows the inclusion of three large asymmetric spinnakers and a suite of Yankee headsails that all add to increased performance and boat speed.
Several boats blew out spinnakers and headsails, and the 51-foot Augie Neilsen-designed ketch Saphaedra (USA), raced double-handed by skipper Jamie Enos and first mate Axaanda Sparks, retired with the skipper explaining.
Typically the rigs of these ocean voyagers are much more versatile as well, reflecting the variety of weather conditions they may encounter--double headsails for tradewind running, staysails for short-reefed beating and a hull that can be driven without the autopilot wearing itself out--are common features.
The fleet was drifting near Shark Island with headsails flapping listlessly as crews tried to get every ounce of movement out of their yachts.
Our review boat came with a white lacquered aluminium mast with spreaders, built by Mareehal, with twin headsails.