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a performer who receives prominent billing


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With big headliners such as Kanye, who has not played New York as a solo headliner since 2010, and Kings of Leon, who have not played New York at all since 2008, it looks like Governors Ball is on its way to an impressive third term.
They join a bill which already boasts Sunday headliners The Futureheads, The Unthanks, Field Music, Kathryn Williams, Kyla La Grange, This Ain't Vegas, The Lake Poets, The Cornshed Sisters, Let's Buy Happiness, Warm Digits, Young Liar, Natasha Haws, The Chapman Family, The Greeting Committee, John J Presley, Richard Dawson, Lilliput, The Unit Ama, The Real Davina and Algiers.
The 1980s band, famous for Blue Monday, will play the Saturday night headliner slot at the event run by Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank on the Isle of Wight in September.
Malawian desert rebel troupe Tinariwen will showcase their new album on their first appearance at the festival as Saturday night headliners.
His two heavyweight headliners, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, did not let him down with spectacular sets, he explained.
This year's Reading and Leeds festival headliners have been announced and promoters have gone with a distinctly indie flavour.
Anyway, I, for one, firmly believe that Jay-Z will go down in history as one of the great headliners.
But when all was said and done, we feel as if our 2007 Headliners represent some of the most outstanding leaders in the field--companies that don't just do what their clients tell them, but suggest to their clients what to do.
Headliners reportedly contain some 70% of the fiberglass in cars, which melts in an incinerator and sticks to the chamber walls, requiring expensive maintenance.
Hill and Cleveland High teammate Andre Murray are among the headliners for the West team in the boys' game.
So, all the fighters are middleweights and welterweights; the first matches of the night are between the youngest and greenest, and they slowly build to the headliners.
Thursday, October 2--Session E: Processing innovations: "Mechanical recycling of scrap from headliner rigid foam and prefabricated PU headliner production and from post consumer headliners," Werner Rasshofer and Don Schomer, Bayer Polymers; "Innovative filler injection system lot powdered recycled urethane," Piero Corradi and Barry Pile, Cannon; "Large scale polyurethane recycling," Gunter Bauer and Michael Kugler, Regra Ecosystems GmbH: "Remote monitoring of polyurethane lines and other manufacturing processes," Julie Stout and Theron Sherman, Linden Industries; and "Hennecke conveyor and mold carrier systems offer production flexibility for the just-in-time manufacturing environment," Barry P.
We're getting ready for our regional tour to begin," writes Shari Ziegler Tomasiello, assistant national director of Headliners Performing Arts Competition & Championship.
The Headliners, Soft Trim and Acoustics report covers trends in two related areas of the car, namely: headliners and related trim parts which increasing play an acoustic function in the car and the wider issue of vehicle acoustics and NVH materials.
Tesla's new Dual Motor Model S (85D and 85D Performance) made its public debut at the Detroit show accentuated with grey and beige Alcantara on dashboards and headliners.