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a sheet of stationery with name and address of the organization printed at the top

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It is signed by Churchill and was written on the headed notepaper of his regiment, the 4th Hussars, in about 1898.
They are also charged with stealing other items including three pens, two lamps, headed notepaper, five chairs and a table, a chest, a compass, two wooden bowls, a photograph album, a trunk, a planter, two jumpers, a bin, a wheel, two heaters, a bag of electrical items, ornaments and a clay trap.
LETTER HOME: Hartley (right) and the letter to his parents written on RMS Titanic headed notepaper
It had a flattering corporate brochure and used headed notepaper that lent an image of corporate credibility.
the trinity Senator had been forced to quit the race after it was revealed he used Seanad headed notepaper to plead for clemency for his boyfriend of 26-years.
We were waiting on something to come back from Schalke and then it got into the press that it had moved forward but we got a fax from Schalke on official headed notepaper to say he wasn't available at any price.
Khalid Mahmood, who represents Birmingham Perry Barr, last night admitted he supplied petty thief Mozam Aziz with a reference on House of Commons headed notepaper.
I ask because the spread about his use of the wrong headed notepaper (Telegraph, July 30).
He now admits he wrote the letter on headed notepaper provided by Mr Khan.
Because we no longer trade, there is no requirement for a trading company and all the associated costs, such as headed notepaper and separate accounts.
They also kept passports, 50 different types of headed notepaper to create fake documents for visas.
The NOC may need to be provided in Arabic, on headed notepaper, signed by the local sponsor.
Such verifications could be the veterinarian's signature on headed notepaper for the hopefully rare case of euthanasia, a utility bill from an adopter, or proof of an adoption group's acceptance.
Its lists, grids of headed notepaper, books, and video presented dematerialized artwork in familiar though partially upgraded and re-embodied forms (Walsh's lists are on rag paper, Tribe's book slickly printed).
They provided what appeared to be confirmation from UEFA on headed notepaper that they had the tickets.