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butt with the head

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He was trying to break my arm and headbutt me," McBride said.
Forward Matt Barnes accidentally headbutts forward Jason Kapono, giving Kapono a concussion.
If he headbutts me, he'll get a headbutt or an elbow straight back.
The unnamed man, 43, can be seen in CCTV images grappling with James Lee Drewitt, 19, before he headbutts him and the yob drops the weapon.
CAGED James Lee Drewitt 1 APPROACH Gun-toting Drewitt is seen on the right walking towards man outside pub 2 CLOSER Thug points gun at man's head 3 GRAPPLES Hero grabs hold of firearm 4 HEADBUTT Hero forces Drewitt to drop the gun
TAKE HAT: Paul is still wearing his helmet when he headbutts City Affair' ANGER: Jockey Paul
The BBFC said footage of headbutts and throat chops was unacceptable for the lower rating and film-makers have now agreed to edit them out.
A headbutt by Hopkins in the third round left a significant cut over the left eye of Wright, whose wound began to bleed at a significant rate.