acetylsalicylic acid

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com/research/24e92c/nigeria_brand_repo) has announced the addition of the "Nigeria Brand Report: Consumers of Headache Tablets and Powders" report to their offering.
Raymond Chow, who was a friend of the martial arts icon, says Lee's death at the age of just 32 was a result of an allergic reaction to a headache tablet.
He didn't even take a headache tablet," said Annette, who faces an anxious wait to find out if her son Ryan is also at threat from cardiomyopathy.
Socialist sympathiser Davy said: "It's unbelievable that the people there can't even get as much as a headache tablet.
On Paddy's Day alone we reckon there will be a 50% increase in sales - and a huge increase in headache tablet sales the next day.
To most of them it's just like taking a headache tablet.
But sources told the Mirror the original report stemmed from a chance sighting of Camilla at the theatre taking a headache tablet.
Many of the 500 women aged 25 to 45 who were surveyed by headache tablet manufacturer Hedex believed that family life suffers if both parents work.
The competition, organised by headache tablet firm Hedex, wants to reward mums in a million who have gone that extra mile.
Michael Fitzgerald, 52, from Killarney, Co Kerry, was accused of stealing EUR190, a purse and a headache tablet from Sgt Mary O'Shaughnessy.
ME HEED'S LOUPIN' - I require a headache tablet quite urgently
At the moment people are admitted, put in a nice warm bed, looked after, given a couple of headache tablets and sent home - and then they do it all over again.
A HEARTBROKEN husband has told how his beloved wife died of multiple organ failure just six days after attending A&E and being sent home with HEADACHE tablets.
You'll be amazed - look out for packaged ham, virtually every bread, vitamin and headache tablets, deli salads and possibly even cottage cheese.
The inquest heard a doctor gave him the headache tablets - and it was another four hours before he was given antibiotics.