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Synonyms for headgear

the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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The turban was the most common form of men's head-wear photographed prior to 1920.
Head-wear manufacturers, Try and Lilly,are one of the enterprises set to benefit from the new centre of excellence.
As part of the Fellowship's 50th celebrations, a catwalk show at Glasgow's Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama will feature the very best in head-wear.
NASDAQ:EXBT) today announced the tape industry's highest head-wear reliability specification - 16,000 hours - for its half-high 8mm tape drives, 60 percent greater than that of DLT (digital linear tape) drives.
As with last issue, this issue presents a look at the diversity of American Indian material culture from the Northern Plains to the south beginning with a look at 1850-1920 Seminole men and women head-wear including a look at Seminole turban construction.
the leading innovator in iPod head-wear accessories, announces their latest line of iSoundCaps for the holidays.
The hats are certified and approved and add to the firm's existing line of safety head-wear.
iSoundCap is the leader in iPod head-wear accessories and is responsible for creating sport caps, running caps, ski caps, visors and bandannas.