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Synonyms for headhunter

a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)

a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies

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A Harding University graduate, Rottman is a former vice president with Austin-McGregor International, a Dallas-based head-hunting firm that works for a wide range of companies.
Head-hunting is a fact of life in every other business, why should football be any different?
The new venture specialises in head-hunting at middle to senior management and director level in finance houses and management consultancies.
The pity is that while Birt-Llewellyn goes off to start a head-hunting firm with a number of fellow HR experts, the BHB itself has now been handed the job of head-hunting someone who had no part in compiling the report to guide the promotion of racing's human resources.
Brigid Brooks, of Scots head-hunting firm Hay Group, said: ``Those who canmanage their own emotions with humour, and their impact on other people's emotions, are seen as more charismatic.
That is head-hunting, behind him, and (Wegner) does nothing,'' Johnson said of Wood's pitch.
Instead of head-hunting him for a top job, he should have been discharged with disgrace.
WITH the 2005 breeding season rearing into view, Australian studs have been vigorously head-hunting.
Louise Campbell, of financial head-hunting firm Robert Walters, said: "Just about every Irish accountant goes to Australia for experience.
does not approve of this expedition at all: head-hunting means the collecting of 'soul material' for the community, the young men who are coming of age.
Executive head-hunting and recruitment will be a priority area.
Wim Koevermans is making the appointment and Quinn reckons Brian Kerr and Pat Fenlon are good candidates "If I was head-hunting, I'd go for Brian Kerr," said the ex-Ireland striker and Sunderland chairman.
You would rather go to a head-hunting company and let them decide who would be a good director of football for you?
Countries with higher GP to patient ratios such as Canada, Qatar and the UK are head-hunting Irishtrained medics - with some offering [euro]15,000 a month.
R]"The Head-hunting industry is ready to be broken up and re-invented" says Chairman of the recently created federation 'Partners to Leaders' (P2L), Metin Mitchell.