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Synonyms for headhunter

a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)

a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies

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The Correlate team are recognised as the City's most capable head-hunters in their space and this acquisition underlines our determination as a group to grow" said Chris Nelson, co-founder of Pure.
He has been there a long time and I suspect if he did not get the job he would leave, which means by solving one problem you would cause another,' one head-hunter commented.
The Venky's group have brought in a head-hunter to appoint a new chairman.
Gatland claims he met with an RFU-appointed head-hunter in Sydney in 2006 about taking up the role of elite rugby director, which eventually went to Rob Andrew.
Guys include sales manager Ansell Henry, IT consultant Ben Stanberry, head-hunter Paul Tulip, product developer Samuel Judah, financial adviser Tuan Lee and businessman Mani Sandler.
THE corporate head-hunter who is employed by the Football Association of Ireland to fill its two top jobs will certainly have their work cut out.
A head-hunter service to help lonely business folk find their ideal partner has been launched in Birmingham.
What prison has taught me about business, Bridge Club event, with speaker Lucy Armstrong, CEO, The Alchemists & Chair Elect of British American Programme Shares what her experience as a member of the Independent Monitoring Board of two prisons has added to previous executive roles at venture capitalists 3i; Courtaulds Textiles and head-hunter Tyzack's.
The Football Association of Ireland have said they will start interviewing for the position next week, having received a list of candidates from their head-hunter, former Northern Ireland coach Bryan Hamilton.
Brown is banking on King Kenny to take on his new role as Rangers' Euro head-hunter - so he can run the rule over our rivals.
Prior to this, he worked as a technical head-hunter in the recruitment industry, sourcing staff for plastics and tool-making firms.
TEENAGE TREK IN BORNEO Adventure Company (0845 450 5311) offers 14-day adventure from Aug 12 incl drinks with Iban head-hunter, orangutans and other wildlife in Bako National Park, ascent of Mount Kinabalu, and turtles of Turtle Island.
The Football Association of Ireland are set to start interviewing for the position next week after receiving a list of potential candidates from their head-hunter, former Northern Ireland coach Bryan Hamilton.
Eriksson is happy the FA are appointing a head-hunter to recruit their new top man, either from inside or out of football, with director of international strategy David Davies and company secretary Nic Coward in temporary charge.
A head-hunter responsible for drawing up a list of contenders said there was no reason why councillors should not opt for a non-British chief executive, although it is believed that no other UK local authority has ever done so.