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Rob Hutchinson, who was watching the show with his two young children said: "He turned over and then, the last picture I've got of him, he is coming down head-first towards the ground.
A Coastguard spokesman said: "To save himself from landing head-first, he somersaulted to finish up on all fours.
CCTV footage shows the man running head-first through the glass door and, after grabbing the 42-inch Hitachi plasma screen from the reception wall, clambering back through the shattered glass door, seemingly uninjured.
Police said yesterday: "He went head-first over the handlebars and landed on the 750-volt live rail.
Then another took a head-first plunge into the snow.
He had a fluke accident when he slipped head-first into a net post during practice, fracturing a vertebrae in his neck.
Our proven `best practices' approach is the foundation of this new effort," expressed Dave Gross, CEO of Fastclick, "As we have done with the ad network and ad serving sectors, we are diving head-first into consumer loyalty and redefining it.
Patrick Sherry, 29, frontman of Bad Beat Revue and a married father-of-two, jumped up to grab a lighting rig during a gig but fell head-first on to the venue's solid wood floor.
Stewart crashed head-first into the wall near the left-field foul pole after making an over-the-shoulder catch and had to leave the game.
Unlike most medieval games where play is viewed from overhead, we are plunging gamers head-first into legendary battles.
Summary: A police officer has been sacked after being accused of throwing a woman head-first onto the concrete floor of a cell.
ATLANTA - Vladimir Guerrero swung a bat Monday for the first time since he partially dislocated his left shoulder in a head-first slide into home plate May 20 at Dodger Stadium, taking 40 swings of soft toss thrown to him by hitting coach Mickey Hatcher.
The American went head-first down the cascade from the Canadian side.