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Synonyms for headgear

the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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By 1900, fairgoers were lured by the erotic, exotic, and absurd - by young women fluttering diaphanous petticoats over strawberry tights, by Native peoples in feathered head-dresses shouting war-whoops, by men with blackened faces wearing animal hides and bones in their hair.
They include dresses and head-dresses from St Giles Hospice and veils and shoes from Oxfam Wedding Shop, Coventry.
Girls from the Winsford Avenue school wore flowery clothes and sunflower head-dresses while the boys opted for bug costumes.
The Government yesterday announced that security staff would use metal detectors to search the religious head-dresses.
Cllr Storey, a former council leader, said: "There were samba dancers dressed only in bikinis with amazing head-dresses, and they were really going for it.
For those who have wondered why Emirati and Arab men wear long white gowns and head-dresses, a new childreneIUs picture book written by an Emirati may help illustrate the significance of the traditional Arab dress.
Scores of youngsters donned fairy wings and magical head-dresses as they took part in a fairy-themed week, at Seven Stories, in Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle.
Female punters save their most fabulous and splendid head-dresses for the event ( attempting to outdo each other in the extravagance stakes.
Her bridesmaids wore dresses of pink taffeta with head-dresses of pink velvet leaves and veils of pink lace.
If I could make so bold Your Highness, I would recommend you keep your eyes planted on those magnificent head-dresses, lest cruel types in the tabloids suggest you have been looking up ladies' skirts.
Instead she wore a sheer peppermint dress, slashed to the thigh as she cavorted with three dancers dressed up in full Rio carnival gear, complete with feather head-dresses.
More than 1,000 pairs of shoes, 500 shirts, 300 hats, Egyptian head-dresses, military uniforms, cloaks, clerical outfits, jewellery and chain-mail, were up for grabs.
Children are being invited to make their own carnival head-dresses or masks.