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the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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like his Berserkir forefathers, and the blow went crashing through shield and spear, through head-dress, hair, and skull, till at last none would of their own will come near the great white "/umtagati/," the wizard, who killed and failed not.
Feeling, no doubt, that simplicity and plainness are the soul of elegance, Miss Brass wore no collar or kerchief except upon her head, which was invariably ornamented with a brown gauze scarf, like the wing of the fabled vampire, and which, twisted into any form that happened to suggest itself, formed an easy and graceful head-dress.
There stood Dick, gazing now at the green gown, now at the brown head-dress, now at the face, and now at the rapid pen, in a state of stupid perplexity, wondering how he got into the company of that strange monster, and whether it was a dream and he would ever wake.
This happened so often, that Mr Swiveller by degrees began to feel strange influences creeping over him--horrible desires to annihilate this Sally Brass--mysterious promptings to knock her head-dress off and try how she looked without it.
It was a good thing to write doggedly and obstinately until he was desperate, and then snatch up the ruler and whirl it about the brown head-dress with the consciousness that he could have it off if he liked.
The intricate, jewelled tunic, together with harem pants and head-dress, made by J Birkinshaw & Sons, theatrical costumiers of Colquitt Street, was worn at a grand event on board the famous Cunard transatlantic liner.
The seven outrageous looks Iain will be sporting this winter season include a Chinese Lampshade, a PVC Slosh outfit based on a bottle of Vanish called Vampish - Ready 4 Anything, a Chinese Temple This year and a recycling frock with solar panel shoulders and a revolving wind-turbine head-dress.
The Scot even sported a unicorn head-dress in a bid to raise funds.
Looking beautiful in a bridal gown of flowing white chantilly lace and a head-dress of flowers, Emily was greeted with a warm round of applause by delighted locals.
As well as a prominent head-dress with radiating lines, this Waliarri has two head adornments that look very similar to the red and black cockatoo feathers commonly shown in the Wanjina head-dress, and associated with lightning (Elkin 1948: 14; figs.
Egyptian actress Summaya Al Khashab has said she might one day 'cover up' or wear the Islamic head-dress since she is very religious at heart.
The Born This Way artist arrived on stage in a masked oval head-dress to lift the accolades including Best Female before telling the 20,000-strong crowd: "I love you little monsters to the end.
Even the head-dress my mum wore is like Kate's veil.
Mind you, just 10 minutes earlier, the one wearing a traditional feathered head-dress was performing a rain dance to The Birdie Song.