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butt with the head

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Caption: An edging of bony spikes along the front turns the skull of a yellow-skinned frog into a weapon for venomous head-butts.
GRAEME SMITH looked back at the head-butt on Ruben Palazuelos that earned Darren McCormack a red card and branded it a "belter".
When Baer advised referee David Mendoza to stop the fight, Campbell motioned to Mendoza that the cut was caused by a head-butt.
Rules state if a fighter is unable to continue because of a cut caused by a head-butt before four rounds are complete, it is ruled a no-contest.
Mr Clancy sustained an injury to his head as a result of the head-butt and also lost six teeth and suffered bruising to his face.
THE final of Mexico's Apertura Championship was a low-key affair with just four players sent off in the second leg for offences including neck-high tackles and head-butts.
In "Bonk's Adventure," Bonk head-butts his way through a rugged, prehistoric landscape, hoping to rescue Princess Za from the evil King Drool.