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While outside Ricketts "turned on her" punching and head-butting his victim, who fell to the floor.
Both were head-butting each other throughout the fight," Mendoza said.
ACTOR Kiefer Sutherland was last night charged over an alleged head-butting incident in a New York b a r.
A JUDGE has praised a martial arts expert for head-butting a burglar.
A man was yesterday cleared of murdering a pensioner during a fight in which he admitted head-butting him in order to defend himself.
A DISGRACED cop who ignored an assault on an Indian restaurant boss was accused of head-butting a man in another court case, the Sunday Mercury can reveal today.
A 17-year-old Australian student has been sentenced to four days in prison after head-butting a fellow passenger during a Singapore Airlines flight from Melbourne, Australia to Istanbul, Turkey via Singapore on 7 October.
You may substitute other ways for increased pressure to replace his head-butting behavior, such as putting a fairly snug hat or a helmet on him, encouraging him to play under and between your sofa pillows, getting a beanbag chair for him, and giving him "bear hugs" often.
Another Hudson Soft first is the adaptation of Bonk, the internationally known, head-butting cave-boy from TurboGrafx, to the Nintendo format.
All the head-butting, establishment-baiting, dope smoking, marital battling, and honest literary toil ends in a Norman Mailer who is self-aware and generous, in his own words, "concerned with how many books I have left to write.
Meikle also denies assaulting a 14-year-old girl by grabbing her hair and head-butting her.
Washington, August 13 ( ANI ): Miami Dolphins receiver Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson was released on bail on Sunday after allegedly head-butting his wife, Evelyn Lozado, during an argument over his purchase of a box of condoms.
A FORMER Cardiff City striker yesterday told a court he was "really sorry" after head-butting and punching his girlfriend in a row over ex-lovers at a restaurant.
But Magilton has denied head-butting Buzsaky and fears he may not get another managerial job.
Brookes was arrested and head-butted the inside roof of the police car as well as head-butting the police sergeant's chest, causing him pain.