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a small portable battery-powered electric lamp

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Silva have launched their lightest and brightest head torch yet.
She said: "I could see his head torch bobbing up and down.
This Summit frog head torch has two bright LEDs and an elasticated strap, so it's suitable for kids or, at a push, adults in desperation, perhaps.
It had already started to rain and they had no waterproofs, were wearing trainers and had only one head torch between them.
So round comes mother and Ben, head torch beaming, who, with one look at situation, takes control.
The rucksack and first aid kit includes a variety of equipment including climbing harness, head torch and a Munro Jacket, Fitzroy jacket and Petzl helmet, emblazoned with Mountain Rescue livery.
Paddy said: "It was a great feeling being the rst to set the world record in this new category, it was obviously far tougher as I was relying on my head torch and navigational skills.
He said: "He had all the gear - except a head torch - and no idea.
A woman in a life-threatening emergency had to be operated under local anaesthesia with the help of a head torch.
A draughty shed with a seat over a hole in the ground, only a head torch to pierce the night and maybe a bear lurking in the surrounding woods.
a sleeping bag, an insulated survival bag, thermal trousers, waterproof you trousers, a camping stove, insect repellent, maps, a sun hat, a warm hat, a whistle, matches, a compass, boots, training shoes, torch, head torch, cutlery, a mug and much else," she continued, checking a list, marginally shorter than the Book of Mormon.
Each runner will be equipped with a head torch to help tackle the five-mile obstacle route including bogs, ditches, walls and cargo nets.
Once inside it's so dark you need a head torch to see what you're buying and queues to pay are so long you may need to take your hairdresser with you.