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a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote

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57), the story is personalized through the presentation of the granddaughter of an immigrant to Canada from China who discusses the effects that the head tax had on her grandfather and the distress it caused him: "Yam's grandfather was cut off from his family in China until 1947" (p.
The apology included an announcement of formal redress, which provided individuals who paid the Chinese Head Tax (or their living spouses) with $20,000 in compensation.
Our current system, in which each employee faces the same amount of health care costs in order to get the full insurance of Zone 3, is analogous to a head tax.
The Chinese Head Tax and Anti-Chinese Immigration Policies in the Twentieth Century
This means that it has all the "good" properties--in terms of efficiency and absence of distortion--of any head tax.
Provide accounting support services, prepare invoices and collect all fees including dockage fees, head tax, labor,and administrative charges.
Tanya Sheehan examines the production of feeling in late nineteenth-century commercial portraits of black subjects, and the way the smile depends on racial subjugation, while Lily Cho's essay on Chinese head tax photographs discusses the absolute lack of affect as a potential mode of resistance in early twentieth-century Canada.
The government also agreed to give back to NCL US$4 of every US$7 paid in passenger head tax.
There, the so-called aACAyfighters for the bright future of Syria' from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have imposed a head tax aACAo jizya aACAo on all the remaining Christians.
After the tribute system or head tax to Spain was abolished, the cedula was issued to all Filipinos upon payment of a residence tax.
Unless exempt from taxation by holding certain official rank or other status, each man was subjected to an annual head tax of two shi of grain (about 160 kilograms) and two zhang tot' silk (about six meters), plus twenty days of unpaid corvee labor.
When the 1882 Exclusion Act in the US and the 1886 head tax legislation in Canada caused a shortage of Chinese labour, Japanese contractors filled the void and recruited Japanese labour to Seattle from 1906 to 1914.
Likewise, many people have heard about the Chinese Head Tax, and have learned of the harsh labour conditions related to the completion of our national railway.
After a lot of outreach and hard work, Alaska ACT achieved the compromise it was looking for when the Alaska Legislature passed a bill to reduce the head tax by $11.