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a tax of a fixed amount per person and payable as a requirement for the right to vote

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We first consider public provision under the assumption of head tax financing.
The decision by Princess to increase its Alaska capacity was prompted, in part, by recent changes to the head tax structure in the state and the more balanced approach to doing business in Alaska, according to the line.
5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce applauds Mayor Emanuel for introducing an ordinance to reduce the Chicago Employer's Expense Tax, also known as the Head Tax, from $4 to $2 per employee per month at today's city council meeting.
A Canadian Prime Minister has apologized to other groups on the receiving end of destructive government policies over the years: the Japanese Canadians interned in camps during the Second World War, the Chinese Canadians who were charged a discriminatory head tax.
Immigration between 1891 and 1923 was restricted due to the head tax.
322) Or as Hay and Craven conclude, "Freedom to choose one's employer did not imply the freedom to remain unemployed; if the master and servant acts did not themselves compel engagement and the whip of hunger did not suffice, then the head tax, land laws, or the law about vagrancy took up the burden.
Chinese head tax legislation passed in 1883, which required that all Chinese men arriving in Canada had to pay a head tax and had to leave women and children behind;
The city of Los Angeles requires that every business pay a head tax per employee.
50 (EC$20) head tax charged on cruise ship passengers as one step towards improving the competitiveness of the destination, said Tourism Minister Rene Baptiste, reports CANA (July 3, 2001).
And Alaska voters approved a $5 per head tax on cruise ships last year to help pay for cleanup costs.
Tristan Platt shows how during the early post-independence period peasants and lifestock herders in the arid southwestern Bolivian altiplano province of Lipes developed intricate seasonal schedules of monetary trade and barter to defray the head tax, cover ceremonial expenses and sustain family subsistence.
In fact the regional insurgents fought centralism as they had in the past to support republicanism against monarchism, to protect federalism, and in opposition to the hated head tax.
Yee's grandfather was Chinese, so the government forced him to pay a head tax of $500.
1x as a result of the expiration of the PILOSTs and modest declines in the seat and head tax revenues.
6 million, the result of the State cruise ship head tax collected this year, will be used for additional pedestrian and parking improvements along this popular street.