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a shop specializing in articles of interest to drug users

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He added: "While this study cannot prove a causal relationship between the closure of the head shops and reductions in NPS [novel psychoactive substances] use by these adolescents, the magnitude of the fall and its timing is very striking.
The legal shakeup means head shops will no longer be able to sell the substances by marking them "not for human consumption" or as "plant food".
While a few small head shops have plied an unobtrusive trade over the years, it has long been relatively difficult to find smoking paraphernalia without going to Rhode Island or New York.
A fifth of teenagers here have taken deadly head shop drugs despite a Government ban.
The Tower Head shop, on a South London estate near Tower Bridge, asked Hannah for ID and refused to serve her when she failed to give proof of age
Between liquor stores, all the ads regarding smoking, and now head shops, our kids are bombarded with all the wrong signals,'' said Councilman Ed Reyes.
The white powder known as Snow Blow, which used to be sold legally in head shops across the country before they were closed in August 2010, causes users to go "crazy".
Labour TD Joe Costello said he was appalled that "grow your own" magic mushroom kits were still available on high streets despite a clampdown on so-called Head Shops.
Health food stores and head shops carry products like carbohydrate drinks, detoxifying teas, shampoos and synthetic urine that promote a guarantee that drug tests for marijuana's active agent, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and other illicit drugs like methamphetamines and opiates will return negative.
Campaigners are pushing for legislation similar to the law in Ireland, which cut head shops from 100 to six in three months.
THE owner of a chain of head shops has been jailed for two years and fined EUR100,000 for illegally importing Viagralike products.
The sudden blight of head shops in Ireland is due to a failure of our politicians to keep up with those who wish to make money by selling untested mind-bending substances.
Although state law prohibits the sale of drug paraphernalia, head shops skirt that rule by labeling their wares as tobacco paraphernalia.
The result has been a significant reduction in head shops operating across country, from more than 100 to just 10.
Cllr McAuliffe, who represents Finglas and Ballymun on the city's north side, added he was concerned that head shops were becoming "embedded" in his community.