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the conical mass of erectile tissue that forms the head of the penis

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The report, which appears in the March/April mBio, finds that when the foreskin is removed from the head of the penis, resident microbes become exposed to oxygen and many flee the scene.
The first synthetic condoms were made of rubber, and usually only covered the head of the penis, but this required extensive tailoring and fitting; the current full sheath model allowed for ease of production.
The one study of HPV in heterosexual Kenyan men found that detection of any HPV type on the head of the penis almost doubled chances of picking up HIV infection (HR 1.
Thrush is less common in men, causing irritation and redness particularly on the head of the penis.
This means redness or a blotchy rash on the head of the penis sometimes with itching or soreness.
It usually occurs on the vulva (the outer genitalia or sex organ) in women, but sometimes develops on the head of the penis in men.
It is the head of the penis that is important (and the shaft it is attached to), rather than the head and the body it is attached to.
Of the 50 clients that Hanson and associates sampled (1992), 56 percent did not know that individuals infected with HIV may not look sick; 48 percent did not know how to clean their needles and syringes to reduce AIDS transmission; 70 percent believed that latex and natural condoms provide equal protection from the virus; 32 percent thought that Vaseline and baby oil are good to use with condoms (this may cause breakage); and 64 percent thought that a condom should fit tightly over the head of the penis (instead of leaving space at the tip).
When used in accordance with instructions and recommended daily dose, CIRCUMserum promotes softer skin on the head of the penis.
What it looks like In men, it usually affects the head of the penis causing inflammation, a smelly lumpy discharge, and pain while passing urine.
Uncircumcised men retain soft foreskin around the head of the penis, which provides an ideal region for HIV to infect.
The head of the penis is more sensitive than the shaft and the frenulum (the ridge of skin that attaches the foreskin) is the most sensitive part of all.
Many men lose penile sensitivity over time, but when the 'SenSlip' is worn daily, it naturally enables the head of the penis to de-keratinize and regain the normal sensitivity which is so often lost through circumcision and age," said Williams.
A topical gel called Topiglan produces a powerful erection with just a drop on the head of the penis.
Balanitis is inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin.