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Following inspections I urge the Head of the State Fiscal Service to immediately fulfill the lustration law and dismiss 42% of the central apparatus of the State Fiscal Service, as well as 15% of the apparatus of regional branches of the SFS under the law," he stressed.
Since the authority to decide whether capital punishment should be implemented or not rests with the head of the state, Nawaz Sharif directed the interior ministry to hold the execution of death sentences.
Lane McCotter, cashiered from his post as head of the state Department of Corrections because of the scandal, was hired to head Management & Training Corporation (MTC), a Utah-based "private" (actually, corporatist) corrections company.
Raphael, Executive Managing Director and Head of the State Ratings Group.
A centralized distribution network would have been completed at the end of 2014 and early 2015 by the Azalternativenerji" Ltd for power supply produced in the hybrid power plant located in Azerbaijan's Gobustan region, head of the State Agency for the development of renewable and alternative energy
Website will be created to coordinate response efforts to the refugee crisis in Bulgaria, Head of the State Agency for Refugees, Nikolay Chirpanliev, announced on Wednesday.
The Board includes: - Bauzhan Chayahmetov, Inspector of the Defense, Rule of Law and Emergency Situations Department of the Governmental Apparatus; - Bolot Suvanaliev, Head of Operational-Investigative Department of the State Drug Control Service; - Bakyt Suyumbaev, Head of the Investigation Department of the State Drug Control Service; - Rasul Turganov, Head of the State Drug Control Service Headquarters; - Bolot Abdrahmanov, Head of the Operational Analysis Department of the State Drug Control Service.
He said under this convention a head of the state enjoys complete immunity under the law from the jurisdiction of all domestic courts all over the world, in all civil and criminal matters.
Richard Haass, head of the State Department's Policy Planning Staff, is "the most likely choice" to replace Leslie Gelb as president of the Council on Foreign Relations, reported the December 18th Washington Times.
The head of the State Service of Medical Means Olexiy Solovyov announced.
Deposits of Kyrgyzstan will be offered at auctions from tomorrow, head of the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources Uchkunbek Tashbaev told reporters on April 27.
The new head of the state health insurance fund will be a woman," Boyko Borisov told journalists in parliament.
Commenting on UN Commissions Report on assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in a Radio Pakistans programme, he said it was the duty of the head of the state to protect life and liberty of its citizens.
ISLAMABAD, July 18, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- President Asif Ali Zardari would leave on a two day visit to Dushanbe on July 28 to attend the Pak-Afghanistan-Russia-Tajikistan head of the state meeting.
Sleiman also appointed Judge Shukri Sader as head of the State Shura Council.