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Synonyms for headhunter

a recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)

a savage who cuts off and preserves the heads of enemies as trophies

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Said Kris Lakshmikanth, founder, The Head Hunters India Pvt Ltd, "While corporates strive to get the right candidates at the CEO or CFO (chief financial officer) level at high salaries, the compensation in most cases is directly linked to the performance of the candidates.
Head hunters also operate in the city, working for big-name companies looking for the cream of the crop to work for their firms.
GKR also has an office in Hong Kong and a joint venture with New York head hunter Pendleton James Associates.
She works currently as a management consultant and serves as a non-executive director of the specialist head hunter, VMA Search.
1-1-1; The Lookouts 1-1-1; Head Hunters 1-2; Simi Valley Recyclers 0-3.
Simultaneously, it is an extremely efficient and inexpensive resource for professionals in the healthcare field, scientists, venture capital firms, stock brokers and brokerage firms, head hunters, consultants, university and medical libraries and institutional investors interested in biotechnology.
The Campaigner commands legions of foot soldiers, head hunters, alien infantry, robots and four "Boss Monsters," whose sole purpose is to stop Turok.
Danny Walford, 22, of the notorious Chelsea Head Hunters gang travelled north for the Scotland-England Euro-2000 play-off.
HEAD hunters have been appointed to look for suitable candidates to represent Wales on the Content Board of Ofcom.
Additionally, we are in current discussions with a number of traditional Head Hunters to position our software as a private label solution to their on line business strategy.
Di Montezemolo complained last year that head hunters had targeted the team's top staff after they won both Formula One titles and two employees left.
The Chelsea Head Hunters were fighting in the street between them and the railway station and Mr Shepherd was set upon by a group of English thugs.
A FIRM of London head hunters has launched a search to find a chief executive for training and education quango Elwa with a salary of up to pounds 121,000 a year.
The firm is believed to have hired head hunters to find a suitable replacement, even though no official statement has been made, according to a report by Bloomberg.
Head hunters will be appointed to look for a new finance director and assist the board's Nomination Committee to identify suitable internal and external candidates.