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Synonyms for headgear

the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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Sony's House boasted that developers were embracing crafting games that give players 360-degree perspectives in worlds visited using Morpheus virtual reality head gear Sony is readying for market.
Strohl of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and his colleagues fitted 11 men and 1 woman with head gear that recorded their snoring patterns and the blood flow in their middle cerebral artery.
While growing up in Utah, he wore a chef's hat, a front desk cap, a dishwasher's hat and just about every other type of head gear required to keep a 100-room hotel near his hometown running smoothly.
You must save a share for all the important little necessities such as mat tape, mat cleaner, head gear, water bottles, towels, and team T-shirts.
And with the launch of his online Ed Head gear store, Schultz says he's proud to support the positions close to his heart and advocate his agenda to his loyal fans.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of Worn out Girder 6 x 12 x 22 two nos (2) & Worn out damaged M/S Plate 8m x 4 x 22 four nos(04), on Head gear structure of 2 pit (K) Gopalichak Colliery, PB Area.
Depending on the race kit purchased, each participant would get a singlet, sunglasses, headgear, drawstring bag and head gear.
In this interesting video a person wearing submersible head gear unboxes the phone underwater.
As a result, the inclusion of accessories and elaborate head gear has been a natural progression in our design expression.
That was not the end of it either, after a mechanic was spotted without safety head gear in the pitlane and given an official reprimand.
Bogo City, Cebu - The city government of Bogo has officially enacted an ordinance which makes it unlawful the wearing of head gear, masks, and other objects concealing one's face while one is within the city.
From modular helmets to road-riding full face helmets and scooter helmets; you can find a perfect and reliable head gear for your bike rides at our online store.
Given the National Living Treasures Award were Magdalena Gamayo, 88, a weaver of inabel, a traditional blanket known among residents of northern Luzon; and Teofilo Garcia, 55, maker of tabungao, a traditional head gear made of local gourd (upo).
The pupils have made the most incredible head gear with an Olympic theme and they displayed them in front of the Lord Mayor.
Lo and behold I was left munching on a bit of head gear, but for the record I don't wear Australian hats with corks hanging from them, honestly.