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Synonyms for headgear

the hoist at the pithead of a mine

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stable gear consisting of any part of a harness that fits about the horse's head

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With Ed Head gear from my new online store, Ed Heads can say 'I'm progressive and I'm proud.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of Rotary Head Gear Box of RECP- 650 Drill Sr.
SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), eye tracking technology leader, introduces a new Natural Gaze(TM) design for the head gear of its leading wireless Eye Tracking Glasses (SMI ETG 2w) at Research & Results, Munich/Germany, October 22-23, HFES, Chicago/USA, Oct 27-31 and SfN, Washington/USA, Nov 15-19.
The cost is PS15 per person which pays for flashing head gear, a bacon butty, refreshments at the end and a commemorative gift.
That was not the end of it either, after a mechanic was spotted without safety head gear in the pitlane and given an official reprimand.
One of this year's highlights was the 'Mad Heads' parade, where Btec Art students produced some amazing head gear under the theme of musicals, which was won by Ellie Miles who created a Mad Hatters Tea Party hat.
From modular helmets to road-riding full face helmets and scooter helmets; you can find a perfect and reliable head gear for your bike rides at our online store.
Given the National Living Treasures Award were Magdalena Gamayo, 88, a weaver of inabel, a traditional blanket known among residents of northern Luzon; and Teofilo Garcia, 55, maker of tabungao, a traditional head gear made of local gourd (upo).
Lo and behold I was left munching on a bit of head gear, but for the record I don't wear Australian hats with corks hanging from them, honestly.
THE PIT HEAD GEAR The pit head gear stands lone and gaunt A relic from the past with memories to haunt You can almost hear the cage door clang As it descends the shaft with the coal-face gang The great big wheels allow men to go Into pitch black darkness way down below A reminder of days when coal was king Now a place with a hollow ring Descent the man rider to go in down by A job you loved or was that a lie?
Six elephants wearing red body covers, head gear and socks, some of them with Santa beards, danced and performed acrobatic stunts in front of the students.
10) catches the eye on ground that he should relish and equipped with head gear for the first time.
Head gear of note for every crown, Complete with ribbed hatbands.
The event, 'Mad Head Day' was staged to encourage students to wear whatever head gear or hairstyle they wanted.
McLaughlin had eight stitches in a gaping head gash sustained in the 2-1 win over Falkirk a fortnight ago and warmed up at Ibrox wearing the rugby protective head gear used by Chelsea keeper Petr Cech.