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the head of a fire department

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Its diversity head Chief Constable Alf Hitchcock said: "The satisfaction with police among black and ethnic communities, and their willingness to come forward and complain when things go wrong has risen.
The delegation head Chief of General Staff Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal made clear that the meetings,which are held annually, would discuss several issues included in the agenda such as the Yemeni-American mutual relations.
Chris Head Chief Executive, Meningitis Research Foundation
Ahmad Abu Ragheb, Head Chief Information Officer of Royal Jordanian
Ahmad Abu Ragheb Head Chief Information Officer of Royal Jordanian
3, 2009, shortly before he was elected head chief of Saskatchewan's leading organization.
CIA head chief Leon Panetta, appeared more vociferous while expressing doubts over Islamabad's intentions of brokering a deal between the Afghan Taliban and the war torn country's leadership.
Police licensing head Chief Inspector Stuart Neill said: "Unfortunately, the transition between Acts did not allow for suspensions to be carried over.
Former head Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral was taken off the case following his comments that Kate and Gerry McCann were manipulatinq British police.
Marco Pierre White has made for a good head chief - Yes Marco.
Head chief Dale McIntosh uses local produce and presented me with a steak on a hot Cornish slate at the table, allowing me to control whether I wanted it rare or well done.
As a group, the Cherokee tended to imitate the white men's ways, earning the description of a "civilized tribe" Since their attitude toward women was fairly liberal, they were teased as a "petticoat tribe" Indeed, a woman, Wilma Mankiller, was the head chief from 1985-95.
Flint and Feather is dedicated to Prince Arthur, "His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, who is head chief of the Six Nations Indians .
Max did not quite have the run of the place, although I was glad to escape the sad eyes and salivation as we settled down in the Burlington to enjoy the Michelin star rated fare from head chief Michael Wignall's kitchen.
Kirklees police head Chief Supt Barry South said he recently gave an award to two women who captured a burglary on film, with the film being used in court.