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the head of a fire department

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Ariola immediately got in touch with Carbon Police Station head Chief Insp.
She married John Duck Chief, the eldest son of a head chief who would later come to occupy that position.
The delegation head Chief of General Staff Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal made clear that the meetings,which are held annually, would discuss several issues included in the agenda such as the Yemeni-American mutual relations.
Chris Head Chief Executive, Meningitis Research Foundation
Beginning as a warrior, he rose to war chief, then to head chief, representing not only the Senecas but the entire Six Nations at most of the treaty sessions.
2, 2009 incident of driving under the influence (DUI), around a month before he was elected head chief of the organization.
Police licensing head Chief Inspector Stuart Neill said: "Unfortunately, the transition between Acts did not allow for suspensions to be carried over.
Former head Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral was taken off the case following his comments that Kate and Gerry McCann were manipulatinq British police.
Kirklees police head Chief Supt Barry South said he recently gave an award to two women who captured a burglary on film, with the film being used in court.
According to legend he was saved from execution by the head chief when the eight-year-old princess ran out to protect him.
On a scorching summer Saturday, friends and family of Edgar Charlie (Hanuquii) gathered at the Thunderbird Hall to witness his seating as the head chief of Kelthsmaht.
Mr Arblaster said the task was 'a million miles away' from his job - head chief at Birmingham Midshires in Wolverhampton.
The PNP, through Directorate for Plans head Chief Supt.
Self-confessed drug lord Rolando "Kerwin" Espinosa and Ozamiz City police head Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido, together with other witnesses of the prosecution camp, met at the Manila Regional Trial Court today, during the hearing on the former's cases on illegal drug trading and possession of illegal firearms.
On the 112 personalities who are visited under Toktok Hangyo (Tokhang) and 26 on Tapok Hangyo (Taphang) simultaneous operations, Panabo Police Chief head Chief Inspector Alvin Saguban reported 1, 615 users and 25 pushers have Voluntarily Submitted for Reformation.