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That is, we've tried to cram every possible function (knowledge, planning, entertainment, communication) into it, slicing and then packing all kinds of combinations between its covers, It's no wonder some software resembles head cheese when you look at the coding inside.
Changewater Letters and Federal Soapbox simplify the process of sharing your views with the honorables - Changewater also lists the addresses of key CEOs like the head cheese at Weyerhauser Paper.
In alphabetical order the text begins with Bacon, beef, brine cure and finishes with Wick-a-wack but on the way it deals with most of the other products you can think of, like beef loaf, blood and tongue sausage, blood head cheese, bratwurst, chorizos, jerkey, liver pate, pickled pig feet, rabbit sausage, sweet sour loaf, vegetable loaf and many many others.
For two weeks, fans can vote in Chester's sure-fire electoral poll for their favorite cheesy portrait - or candidate - for a chance to win these official portraits commemorating each political party's head cheese.
In trendy firms conventional titles like manager, executive and supervisor are being replaced by head cheese, corporate magician or master handshaker.
However, talking of the French, ever brave when it comes to food, they gaily call it tete fromagee which, translated into English, means head cheese.
Agricultural College, cheesemaking at Cornish Yarg, cheesemaking at Ticklemore Cheese, Hype Energy technical executive, Pilgrims Choice assistant technical manager, cheese technologist, currently head cheese grader.