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number of people in a particular group


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In the services sector, 33 per cent of businesses also agreed up their head count.
Is the MDAH empowered to send SWAT teams to do a head count on Muffy's litter?
God forbid we should come up short on the head count with a missing chicken.
However, such head counts don't accurately reflect the number of physicians trained in primary care who actually provide ambulatory primary care to patients in their communities, the investigators noted.
Over the past 12 months, Elliman's total head count fell by one -- giving it 319 agents.
Because the analysis is based on individual-level productivity data, we are able to base our analysis on FTEs rather than head counts of providers.
More Denver companies lacking head count from both talent and resource shortages -- increasingly, rapidly scaling start-ups -- are finding a flexible alternative to foregoing or cutting back on marketing efforts.
That count turned out to be considerably lower than the number of people in the county who, in a telephone poll taken about the same time as the head count, said they had attended church.
In the meantime, Americans should stand up and be counted in favor of a 2010 census that relies on an actual head count to safeguard against political shenanigans and produce a result in which all Americans can have confidence.
What-if" business scenarios can be defined using business drivers such as revenue, head counts, store counts, store productivity, space utilization, market rent, capital budgets and the cost of capital.
The mergers between the different RBOCs and GTE over the past five years have left large amounts of room for carriers to reduce head counts as well as to consolidate networks and organizations.
The Company has reduced employee head counts in the head-quarters, and has also realized an annual cost savings in the amount of $300,000.
Publishing Wizards: Publishing Wizards provides point-and-click org-chart creation by automating preferences -- such as chart style, colors, hyperlinks and photographs -- as well as fields to include in each employee record, from titles and phone extensions to numerical data such as budget figures and head counts.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Local startups lacking head count -- but scaling quickly -- are finding a flexible alternative to foregoing or cutting back on marketing efforts.