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an abbreviation for 'hazardous material' used on warning signs

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A site security plan is required for any person who offers hazardous material for transport in commerce.
On one hand, Hazardous Material seems like just another thriller with a unique topic not found commonly in other books.
Abu Dhabi: Minimising risks due to hazardous materials is of vital importance from both the public health perspective and the point of view of the environment, a government official said.
Companies that offer for transport, or actually transport, Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials must ensure that all of their hazmat employees are properly trained as outlined in 49 CFR 172.
Emergency Response to Chemical and Biological Agents illustrates its points with case studies; discusses the safe handling and disposal of biological and chemical agents; explains the standard operations of hazardous materials teams before, during, and after an incident; and covers search-and-rescue procedures and explosive-ordinance disposal.
Under the agreement, FISCPH will undertake the management, storage, distribution and assessments of HAZMAT as well as the staffing of four waterfront Satellite Hazardous Material Centers.
And there are plenty of other hazardous materials to wonder about.
Now is an excellent time for laboratorians to use their knowledge of chemicals toward a new focus: by serving as hazardous material officer.
These grants are part of our comprehensive approach to improving the safe transportation of hazardous material across the country.
A good rule of thumb is if the products come into your facility as a hazardous material and you do not change anything they must be shipped out the same way.
2) Some of the items found in a trash bin outside Birmingham High School and LAUSD District 1 headquarters included bottles of hydrochloric acid, considered a hazardous material.
One added-value feature built into Task Force Bastogne consists of a half dozen hazardous material experts from the U.
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