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an abbreviation for 'hazardous material' used on warning signs

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The free, countywide event allows residents to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as motor oil, paint, turpentine, cleaners with acid or lye, aerosol products, car batteries, pesticides, fertilizers, and nail polish and remover.
It is the first and only commercially available mobile response vehicle that can conduct rapid 'on-the-scene' identification of hazardous materials with an extremely high reliably, using the world's most advanced microscopy instruments and resources.
Contribute $31,000 to the Blair County Intermunicipal Recycling Committee and $16,000 to the Blair County Hazardous Material Response Fund;
Two companies that ship significant amounts of hazardous materials have won Conrail's award each year since 1988: B.
evaluate cost savings and other benefits achievable by replacing hazardous materials with non-hazardous raw materials
Written primarily as a technical primer for students in the safety and fire sciences, it is also a useful resource for public and private sector emergency response personnel, industrial safety and training coordinators, and others who require an introduction to the technical aspects of hazardous materials but lack an extensive background in chemistry and toxicology.
This is a crucial resource in further protecting the public from the inadvertent, or intentional, shipment of hazardous materials," said Gale.
But you don't have to live next to a chemical plant or dumpsite; anyone who travels on or lives near a road used by truckers should recognize the danger that a major truck accident involving hazardous material poses.
The Hazardous Material Planning and Response Act is an important cornerstone in our statewide emergency preparedness and response program.
RAE Systems' products enable the military and first responders such as firefighters, law enforcement and other emergency management personnel to detect, provide early warning and record events that involve weapons of mass destruction and other hazardous materials.
Conrail's Diamond Drop award recognizes that shippers play a vital role in the safe transportation of hazardous materials," said James A.
Wal-Mart offered the hazardous materials for transportation when they were not packaged, labeled, marked, classed, described, documented, inspected or in condition for shipment as required by the Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulations.
Household hazardous material collections began in 1988, and electronics were added in 2002.
Events like these help improve the level of communication and coordination needed to respond effectively to hazardous material emergencies," says Brock Lowman, BNSF manager, hazardous materials programs.
This definition of hazardous material has been adapted from the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910,1200) and is a reference for further details.
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