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an island in the West Indies

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gov/) and are sandwiched between downtown Durham (former home of the black Wall Street, the Hayti district, and the tobacco warehouses and factories) and Duke University's West Campus.
Edward FitzGerald reports Tennyson as having said that the poem would be "confuted by some Midshipman who had been in Hayti latitudes and knew better about Tropical Vegetable and Animal" (in Ricks, 1:308).
Article three of Dessalines's constitution states that, "the citizens of Hayti are brothers at home; equality in the eyes of the law is incontestably acknowledged, and there cannot exist any titles, advantages, or privileges, other than those necessarily resulting from the consideration and reward of services rendered to liberty and independence.
For fun and recreation, you can walk to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, home of the Durham Bulls Baseball Team and host to the Bull Durham Blues Festival each September The Carolina Theatre is in the Civic Center Complex and the Hayti Heritage Center is on the Duke campus.
Conflict and Persecution: A Comparative History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in Jamaica and Hayti from Its Beginnings in 1789 until 1838.
Dash asunder the petty prejudices within your own fold; set at defiance the scornful designation of "nigger" uttered even by yourselves, and be a Negro in the light of the Pharaohs of Egypt, Simons of Cyrene, Hannibals of Carthage, L'Ouvertures and Dessalines of Hayti, Blydens, Barclays, and Johnsons of Liberia, Lewises of Sierra Leone, and Douglass's and DuBois's of America, who have made, and are making history for the race, though depreciated and in many cases unwritten.
Get off the Interstate, put Lucinda Williams in the CD player, stop for some great barbeque in Hayti or Clarksdale and take some time to experience this important cotton and rice production area.
Alti cizilien husus: karar verme mekanizmalari ve siyasi alanlardaki yerini alma cabalarinda, calisma hayti ve aile ocaginda karsilasilan zorluklardir.
In the 1960s, urban renewal destroyed the community by running an expressway through the old business district, called Hayti, a complete community that blacks developed in the face of intense discrimination.
Wright "trembled," fearing "blood equalling the day of vengeance in the island of Hayti.
Exports of Hayti (sic) were estimated at 28,000 tons; those of Cuba and Porto Rico (sic) combined were estimated at 17,000 tons for the same year.
Remembrances to Trinity Lutheran Church in Cottage Grove or New Hope Lutheran Parish in Hayti, S.
Talbot, who produced a study on interracial degeneracy and physical deformities, argues what Davenport illustrates: persons of mixed-race ancestry are likely to "relapse into voodooism and cannibalism [as did] the Hayti and Louisiana French hybrids and the Anglo-Saxon hybrids of Liberia" (qtd.
At some time during the said year 1819 as near as the deponent can recollect the said Griffin came to [the] deponent's store and stated to him that the said Griffin was thinking about emigrating the Republic of Hayti to which place a number of coloured persons were going - that he intended to reside there permanently.
On March 20, students at Hamlin School District in Hayti will present tobacco prevention education displays - including healthy lungs and smokers' lungs - and give live presentations on the effects of smoking on health.