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a major port in northwestern Israel

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Thirteen bodies have been identified so far, Jawdat Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jami, 24, Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jami, 5, Hayfa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jami, 9, Yasmin Ahmad Salamah Abu Jami, 25, Suheila Bassam Abu Jami, Shahinaz Walid Muhammad Abu Jami, one-year-old, Rayan Abu Jami, 9, an elderly woman Fatima Abu Jami.
We are excited to be selected to participate in Art Dubai," said gallery managing director and curator Hayfa Al Jishi.
The other panellists were Dr Marzook Basher bin Marzook, a senior official at the Qatar's Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Bahraini director Bassim al-Zawadi and Saudi director Hayfa al-Mansur.
Al-Shadokhi mentioned six female prisoners on charges of being linked to Al-Qaeda by name, including Heyla Al-Qassir, Najwa Al-Saedi, Arwa Al-Baghdadi, Hanan Al-Samkri, Najla Al-Roomi, and Hayfa Al-Ahmadi.
Participating in the programme, Hayfa Malaeb, mother of two WCMC students, shared her experiences with other parents about how she helped her sons in their educational journey.
He examines portrayals of race, class, and gender relations in the two short stories of "al-Intiqam al-raib" ("The Horrible Revenge"), by Hayfa Hashim, and "Min milaff imra'a" ("From a Woman's File"), by Layla al-Uthman, and the three novels of Wasmiyya takhruj min al-bahr (Wasmiyya Emerges from the Sea) also by al-Uthman; Mudhakkirat khadim (A Servant's Diary), by Tayyiba al-Ibrahim; and Muzun (Muzun), by Fawziyya Shuwaysh al-Salam, arguing that their respective heroines, representing the pre-oil generations of Kuwaiti women, are presented as resistant and/or revolutionary figures in a struggle against male social dominance, contrary to the common notion of stereotypical passivity and resistance.
Nancy Ajram, Hayfa Wahbi, Ragheb Alama, Rashed Al Majed, Miami Band, Samo Zain, Samira Said, Amr Mostafa and Esam Karika -- all of which are available to Zain Bahrain customers for as little as 0.
I had two children who had brain damage from birth," said Hayfa Shukur, 28.
The novel conducts a dialogue with one of the landmarks of Palestinian literature, 'A'id ila Hayfa (Returning to Haifa) (1969) by Ghassan Kanafani (1936-72).
Bandar's wife, Princess Hayfa, is the youngest of the late King Faisal's daughters.
Another neighbour, Hayfa Mamddo, who lives around the corner from the couple on Ayresome Road, was also shocked by the news.
Moreover, Assistant Secretary General of Media and Communications at the Arab League Hayfa Abu Ghazala highlighted how crucial media is to curbing violence, saying that misuse of social media could lead to perilous
A ce propos, Hayfa Ben Miloud, coordinatrice regionale du projet, a indique que l'enquete a mis l'accent sur les violences et les discriminations subies par les meres celibataires dans la societe.