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a major port in northwestern Israel

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I had two children who had brain damage from birth," said Hayfa Shukur, 28.
The novel conducts a dialogue with one of the landmarks of Palestinian literature, 'A'id ila Hayfa (Returning to Haifa) (1969) by Ghassan Kanafani (1936-72).
Bandar's wife, Princess Hayfa, is the youngest of the late King Faisal's daughters.
Another neighbour, Hayfa Mamddo, who lives around the corner from the couple on Ayresome Road, was also shocked by the news.
HAYFA (CyHAN)- Israel has approved Tuesday a law that allows it to incarcerate African asylum seekers for up to a year, even if no offense is done.
My father, an old man, is still in Jordan waiting for the papers that will enable Jannat and Mohammad to come home," Hayfa Mohammad Al Masawi said.
Hayfa Naeem now works in the Jabalia Rehabilitation Center in the media division, where the department highlights the needs of the children in her community.
Albareh Art Gallery in Adliya curator and owner Hayfa Al Jishi stressed the importance of the Spring of Culture events to Bahrain and said calls to cancel such events were "short-sighted".
The concept is the brainchild of its managing director and principal curator Hayfa Al Jishi, Egyptian artist Hazem Taha Hussein along with owner Jamal Al Yousif, creative director of design and branding agency Artobrand.
Hayfa Al-Bassam and Ghufram Essam Masoud were placed first and second, respectively, in the behavioral & social sciences category, while Sara Salah Al-Nasser won in the medicine & health sciences, microbiology and plant sciences category.
HAYFA (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel would do all it could to keep world powers from striking a "bad and dangerous" deal with Iran over its nuclear program, Arutz Sheva reported.
The art exhibition will feature works from 17 different Qatari artists: Jameela al-Ansari, Masoud al-Bolushi, Mariam al-Abdullah, Moza al-Kuwari, Lolwa al-Meghaiseeb, Mubarak al-Malik, Jameela al-Shraim, Faisal al-Abdullah, Talal al-Qasmi, Haya al-Naemi, Thamer Sd, Johara al-Mannai, Hayfa al-Sada, Noof al-Malki, Reem al-Malki, Ameera al-Aji and Mohamed al-Mansoori.
Hayfa Aljishi, curator of Albareh Art Gallery, added: "The exhibition conveys the concept of shoes as it manifests itself beyond the conventional meaning of the item.
JEDDAH: Bahraini actress Hayfa Mansour will star in a new serial called "Pain is Victory" that will air over Ramadan on the Abu Dhabi channel.