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acclaimed actress of stage and screen (1900-1993)


19th President of the United States

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21, and centers on accusations that Hayes conspired with 10 other bank and brokerage employees to fix interest rates.
Hayes after an exchange of words and an earlier fight between the two men.
One key piece of advice: "Start early and plan for all children," says Hayes, citing a situation he sees too often - when a family saves everything to the first child without understanding the ramifications for the younger children later on.
Hayes had expressed no desire to return to management after a two-year stint with Carlow in 2005 and '06.
The next thing we know we've got a notice of eviction from the port (of Garibaldi)," Hayes said, because the port required lessors to be insured.
If you get a plant that's just completely melting down from the cold, then maybe it's just nature's way of saying it doesn't belong here,'' Hayes said.
The sale reflects continued progress in Hayes Lemmerz' plan to increase the focus on core products in select geographic areas," said Curtis Clawson, Hayes' president, CEO and chairman of the board.
According to CRESA Partners Founding Chairman Bill Goade, the drive to appoint a CEO and, particularly, Kevin Hayes, came from the company's aim to enhance national marketing efforts and increase revenue.
Hayes Considers the history of blood from scientific, historical, and mythical perspectives as he relays a selective symphony of research advances and cultural milestones surrounding blood.
The paper quoted Hayes as saying, "If they're pro-choice and they're Democrat, they're my kind of candidate.
CASE FACTS: Carl Hayes had been licensed to practice medicine in California since 1989.
If someone were to accuse entrepreneur Cassandra Hayes of being a diva, he or she would be partially correct.
The story, based on Alan Parker's 1978 Academy Award-winning film, is about young American Billy Hayes, who was arrested at the Istanbul airport for possession of drugs and escaped from a Turkish prison after five years of imprisonment.
But when a special commission, with a bare Republican majority, was set up by Congress to decide the dispute, it gave all three states to Hayes and thus made him President.