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English privateer involved in the slave trade

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Leaving Plymouth at the head of a small fleet, Hawkyns seized four Spanish ships off the Western Sahara before turning his attention to the more heavily populated estuaries, rivers and inlets to the south.
Loaded to the gunwales, Hawkyns dashed across the Atlantic in an effort to sell off his captives before they perished from disease.
After Pynson's death in 1529 or 1530, Hawkyns finished printing Pynson's Lesclarcissement de la langue francoyse compose par maistre Iehan Palsgraue Angloyse natyf de Londres, et gradue de Paris (July 1530).
She subsequently married John Hawkyns after Pynson's will had been made on November 17, 1529.
The first four were Hugh Stukeley (or Stutlye), gentleman, perhaps a lawyer; Edmund Bragge, citizen and haberdasher; Stavord; and George Hawkyns of Stortford in Hertfordshire, yeoman.
The 1525 lay subsidy roll for Westminster also lists only four singing men at St Stephen's (PRO E179 238/98): William Hawkyns, Thomas Crawley, Henry Medowe and William Marshall.