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English privateer involved in the slave trade

United States jazz saxophonist (1904-1969)

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Hawkins, he began to ask me how I had come across so suitable a place.
Nasdaq: HWKN) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement under which Hawkins has agreed to acquire Stauber Performance Ingredients from ICV Partners II, L.
Before he joined the Ducks' staff in 2001, Hawkins spent a decade in New Orleans, working with the Saints, the Sugar Bowl and the Tulane football program.
DOMINIC Dale is on the brink of exiting this year's World Snooker Championship as Barry Hawkins swooped into a comprehensive lead after two of three sessions in Sheffield.
THE stories of murder trials of years long gone are interesting, and mention of Mr Justice Hawkins brought to mind some facts about him.
He is pre-deceased by his nephew, Cammeron Hawkins.
Carol Hawkins and John Hawkins, who was employed as Mr Clayton's driver, were on a joint salary of EUR48,000 in 2006.
SNOOKER professional player Barry Hawkins started his week-long training camp in Bahrain.
Nathan Hawkins, 18, launched a trio of disgusting attacks against his 18-year-old victim, on one occasion threatening to "smash her head in good and proper".
On January 7,2005, Hawkins was diagnosed with pneumonia.
Colin Rodrigues, corporate partner at law firm Hawkins Hatton, was among the speakers at a seminar run by commercial property specialist Avondale, which was held at the Orange Studio, Cannon Street, Birmingham.
Psychiatrist Nigel Eastman told a jury that Christopher Hawkins suffered borderline personality disorder (BPD), which made him unable to cope with emotional loss and prone to violence.
The history of the industry includes plenty of Country music, but as Hawkins details, it also includes generous doses of R & B, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and Pop which helped build the foundation for all that came after.
Hawkins has matured into a self-assured, and quite sensual, musician: When she proclaims that the tune "Sweetsexywoman" is dedicated to beautiful females over 45, it's easy to interpret that this consistently appealing talent could be singing autobiographically.
After years of playing but not singing - except for the occasional Foo Fighters B-side - Hawkins began recording his own album more than a year ago, working at a friend's house in the Valley.