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Romney, who one imagines is exhausted by months of playing whack-a-mole with the rest of the GOP field, is looking for the win on Tuesday, and while there aren't many Jews in the Hawkeye State, there are many evangelical Christians.
Given the reputation of the Hawkeye State and the cost of the tag--over $500--we planned our scouting/stand hanging trips, early hunting time, and prime rut-hunting time well in advance.
The Hawkeye State has battled record-setting snowstorms, massive flooding, numerous tornados and.
HAWKEYE STATE producers had better let regulators know about any e-mail address changes.
John McCain has railed in the past against agricultural subsidies, including ethanol, but spoke more favorably of ethanol while campaigning recently in the Hawkeye State.
A success with neither crix nor public locally, pic may have a certain camp interest in the Hawkeye State, but no farther.
With polls frequently unreliable at this level of grassroots democracy, the Hawkeye state will give the first glimpse into the minds of a few strategically important Americans.
For years Iowa has asked candidates stumping the Hawkeye State to a sign an ethanol pledge.
A four-year research partnership between the Iowa DOT (IDOT), Iowa State University (ISU), and Lafarge North America has lead to the opening of an innovative concrete bridge in the Hawkeye State.
The law, designed to help reduce the state's burgeoning whitetail herd, has increased the price of nonresident hunting nearly 25 percent in the Hawkeye State, where it cost $310 to pursue deer in 2004.
That destination turned out to be Spencer, Iowa, in the northwestern corner of the Hawkeye State, where Sam and Harry started a business that is still thriving today as a metals recycling company with a global reach.
In the course of the New Hampshire campaign, where he attempted to make adjustments in the wake of his Hawkeye State disaster, Dean fed his wife (who had otherwise been invisible) into the maw of a Diane Sawyer interview, identified himself as a "hockey dad," and, though he was among the more cerebral candidates in years, analyzed himself as too often "leading with his heart.
Some speculated that the die had been cast when Clark's team opted out of Iowa, where voters who didn't want Dean rallied to either a war hero or a Southerner--nevermind that Clark was both, he wasn't on the ballot in the Hawkeye state.
Mary Stier, the Register's new president and publisher, moved to the Hawkeye State when she started school at the University of Iowa in 1974.
Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Mary McGrory gained a similar impression of the Hawkeye State when she covered the 1988 presidential caucuses.