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Every year the Hawkeye State chums out mind-boggling bucks to both residents and nonresidents.
That destination turned out to be Spencer, Iowa, in the northwestern corner of the Hawkeye State, where Sam and Harry started a business that is still thriving today as a metals recycling company with a global reach.
In the course of the New Hampshire campaign, where he attempted to make adjustments in the wake of his Hawkeye State disaster, Dean fed his wife (who had otherwise been invisible) into the maw of a Diane Sawyer interview, identified himself as a "hockey dad," and, though he was among the more cerebral candidates in years, analyzed himself as too often "leading with his heart.
Some speculated that the die had been cast when Clark's team opted out of Iowa, where voters who didn't want Dean rallied to either a war hero or a Southerner--nevermind that Clark was both, he wasn't on the ballot in the Hawkeye state.
Mary Stier, the Register's new president and publisher, moved to the Hawkeye State when she started school at the University of Iowa in 1974.
Despite a coordinated assault by the establishment, Congressman Paul is in the lead and headed toward a top finish in the Hawkeye state.
Another poll released later Monday found Trump still has a healthy advantage over Cruz in the Hawkeye State.
Students, parents, teachers and community leaders will attend the celebration, which will shine a positive spotlight on all types of education options available for children in the Hawkeye State, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online learning and homeschooling.
Washington, August 16 ( ANI ): First lady Michelle Obama, who joined her husband's election campaign in the Hawkeye State on Wednesday, said that even though she wouldn't let him have fried Twinkies he eats what he wants.
com)-- The Hawkeye State is more well known for its close knit farming communities than it is for its manufacturing sector, but the B-to-B search engine IndustrialCOOP is changing that in a minor but noticeable way as a partner of the American Machine Shops Network at http://www.
Some Iowa credit unions have thrown their support behind legislation that would allow financial institutions to conduct savings promotion raffles in the Hawkeye state.
His advice proved to be valuable, and before long I was admiring my first Hawkeye State buck.
Paul has substantial support among Republican Party activists in the Hawkeye State.
Cruz's campaign described the pair of TV spots as part of a two-week, six-figure media buy in the Hawkeye State that also includes digital and radio advertising.
net/category/iowa-shops/ serving Des Moines, Iowa City, West Des Moines, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Davenport, Ames, Dubuque and other areas throughout the Hawkeye State as well as across the country.