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Hedrick and Daniel reported in 2006 in the Journal of Experimental Biology that hawk moths sweep and bend their wings in as many as 20 different orientations to dampen turbulence while hovering.
DURING August and part of September the caterpillars of the lime hawk moth will be racing down lime trees throughout Cardiff to find soft earth in which to burrow and become chrysalises for the winter - to emerge as beautiful large moths next spring.
READY TO HATCH: Kath Gilbert spots that trees along a path between Kirby Corner and Charter Avenue in Canley are blanketed by moth cocoons COLOURFUL ARRAY: From top, the frosted orange moth, scallop shell moth, goldspot moth, garden tiger moths and the elephant hawk moth
Sun-loving species such as the speckled wood and painted lady butterflies, as well as the hummingbird hawk moth, are increasingly being seen in our region as a result of global warming.
The Poplar Hawk Moth and (above) Sam Humberstone Moth picture: YSGOL SAN SIOR
Hawk moths were observed preferentially visiting flowers with larger corollas, and study flowers with larger corollas had significantly increased probability of setting fruit.
Fastest: The top maintainable speed of any insect is 24 mph by the deer bot-fly, hawk moths, horse flies and some tropical butterflies.
They came to the conclusion that the species' natural pollinators, hawk moths of the family Sphingidae, were not visiting the orchids at this site.
In one particularly disturbing scene, Rylance's character introduces Kensit to hawk moths, large furry creatures.
Fellow-travellers include red admirals and silver-Y and hummingbird hawk moths.
HUMMINGBIRD hawk moths have been a regular sight at the National Wildflower Centre, at Court Hey Park, according to Landlife's John Chester.
The study showed that the warmer summer attracted unusual moth visitors and highlighted the discovery of large numbers of the spectacular hawk moths.
Internet sites show that they are elephant hawk moths, and disappointingly they are quite common, although like Bob I have never seen one before.
Heavy frosts are the reasons why hummingbird hawk moths and other exotics cannot survive this far north in larvae form,only visiting us as summer migrants.
My son Josh and I love wildlife, but even we tired a little after an evening chasing out bats and shooing hawk moths and all manner of peculiar long-legged insects off the telly screen.