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The Poplar Hawk Moth and (above) Sam Humberstone Moth picture: YSGOL SAN SIOR
In addition, little is known about the status of the hawk moths that pollinate these flowers.
BOB'S creature featured on Friday is the caterpil lar of the elephant hawk moth.
THE 'strange creature' appears to be the caterpillar of an elephant hawk moth.
Sure enough, they turned out to be the larva of the death's-head hawk moth, given a sinister role in the chiller movie, Silence of the Lambs.
It is rare for the death's-head hawk moth to get to Britain, but some were spotted in the 1990s.
By investigating the common features of different species--bats, swallows, hawk moths and bees--the AIRFOILS team hopes to isolate the keys for agile flight.
Hedrick and Daniel reported in 2006 in the Journal of Experimental Biology that hawk moths sweep and bend their wings in as many as 20 different orientations to dampen turbulence while hovering.
The caterpillars are large and range from a dull brown to a pinkish beige - and they have the identifying hook of hawk moths at the tail end.
DURING August and part of September the caterpillars of the lime hawk moth will be racing down lime trees throughout Cardiff to find soft earth in which to burrow and become chrysalises for the winter - to emerge as beautiful large moths next spring.
The clue is right there - they are hummingbird hawk moths or Macroglossum stellatarum if you want to impress
In their study, the researchers flew hawk moths through a number of different whirlwind conditions in a vortex chamber, carefully examining the mechanisms that the hawk moths used to successfully regain flight control.
In Britain, there are 60 species of butterfly, compared to more than 2,000 species of moth - the huge variety making moths an attractive option for wildlife spotters, with striking species such as hawk moths, and hundreds more with intricate patterns and markings.
Fellow-travellers include red admirals and silver-Y and hummingbird hawk moths.
So far this year there have been three North East sightings of hummingbird hawk moths, one in Wallsend, one in South Shields and one near Chester-le-Street.