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the Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii

a native or resident of Hawaii

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If so, Hawaiians are poised to reclaim a substantial part of their island homeland, much of it from military occupation.
Its antiquity as a lived practice among Hawaiians has been questioned, but aloha 'aina and malama 'aina have emerged as appropriate responses to the state's misuse of native lands.
What Hawaiians get is population densities as high as Hong Kong in some areas, a housing shortage owing to staggering numbers of migrants from Asia and the continental United States, a soaring crime rate as impoverished locals prey on ostentatiously rich tourists, and environmental crises, including water depletion, that threaten the entire archipelago.
As a native nation, Hawaiians are no longer self-governing.
Maui Wowi Hawaiians products are pure Hawaiian, 100 percent natural with no artificial colors or flavors.
Mets fans cheered the newest treat at Shea Stadium: Maui Wowi Hawaiian.
Almost half the town's 1,900 residents are native Hawaiians.
Evening falls gently on this most Hawaiian of places.
Considering the Kapus, the ancient Hawaiian belief system that is also alive and well today, it would be a great 'taboo' for the part of Kamehameha to go to a nationality that was a fierce enemy of the Hawaiians during that time.
In fact there are a few things that Kamehameha did that some screenwriters won't know because they are not true Hawaiians," added German.
The DHHL has enthusiastically embraced HIPH's manufactured home concept as a means of making home ownership an affordable reality for Hawaiian families, as well as helping DHHL meet their goals of providing building lots and affordable homes for tens of thousands of other eligible Hawaiians.
HIPH was formed to fulfill the rapidly-growing demand for quality affordable housing in Hawaii, particularly for the Native Hawaiian people.
Today, both young and old Hawaiians and haole, or Caucasians, embrace hula.
Immediately I was curious as to why the Hawaiians left their homes and what their descendants' lives in Canada look like today.
Life thereafter underwent radical changes for the Hawaiians, and this very area reflects it, Medina said.