Hawaiian guitar

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guitar whose steel strings are twanged while being pressed with a movable steel bar for a glissando effect


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The Hawaiian guitar is small to play and requires less energy.
Louis Armstrong featured Hawaiian guitar on a 1930 track.
Multi-instrumentalist Lindley plays Hawaiian guitar on many of the tracks.
Middle tune of the three-track demo, Stay, has a Hawaiian guitar in the background and you can't help but sway along.
Articles included covered Polish, Ukrainian, and Irish musicians, as well as Cajun (which OTM had tended to cover anyway), while the reviews section added Tex-Mex, Texas polkas, and Hawaiian guitar.
Basically, Bob loves any note that slides, and is accustomed to touring with two National steel guitars, a Hawaiian guitar and a tiny armadillo-shelled charango.
There is also madness in Manchester, with 79-year old Joy, who plays three invisible instruments, the violin, the mandolin and the Hawaiian guitar.
Joy: A 79-year-old who plays invisible musical instruments including a Hawaiian guitar (with her nose) and mandolin.
To those who haven't yet been reached by producer George Winston's crusade to bring this Hawaiian guitar style to a broader mainland audience, the term slack key could suggest musicians who are careless about tuning, or perhaps need new pegs.
We also relish Len Fillis' Hawaiian guitar in the 'tone picture: By the Blue Hawaiian Waters.
Frank O'Brien from Clonberne was the first lead guitar player with the band and was famous at the time for making made his own Hawaiian guitar.
Teaches finger- and flat-picking guitar, old-time banjo, fiddle and vocal techniques, harmonica, autoharp, mandolin, dobro and Hawaiian guitar.
He surrounds himself with a glittering array of National steel guitars, metal-bodied and played with a slide, augmented by an intricately carved Hawaiian guitar and a tiny South American charango, made from the body of an armadillo.
The 71-year-old Communist Party chief has blown a bamboo flute, strummed a Hawaiian guitar and conducted a military band in his efforts to break the ice that just a few years ago existed between Beijing and Washington.
He seeks out oddities like Jimmy Stewart singing with a big band, plays country rarities back to back with punk bands, film soundtracks, contemporary English acoustic blues players recorded by obscure Swedish labels, a whole swathe of pop and rock from a round the world and from the whole of the century, from flamenco to heavy metal, ballroom dancing to soul to early Hawaiian guitar showcases.
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