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Geckos in Paradise Live Auction, Hawai'i State Art Museum, 4 to 7 p.
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, on behalf of a citizen's group from the island of Moloka'i and with the help of expert testimony from C-SAW, continues to seek an injunction to block all future visits by the industry to Moloka'i until the planning process mandated by Hawai'i state law is undertaken and completed.
One participant, Carol, was a Japanese American, selected to represent mainstream preservice teachers in Hawai'i; two thirds of the teachers and administrators in the Hawai'i State Department of Education are of this ethnicity.
Also, through the UH Board of Regents and the Hawai'i State legislature, Hawaiian students can get tuition waivers to attend UH System institutions, including the community colleges.
Yet, as informed as it is, the book does tend to treat, perhaps intentionally, some of the more prickly issues, such as ethnic tensions and sovereignty, a little too lightly, leaving some of the more controversial elements of Hawai'i state politics a bit understated.
Hawai'i Information Consortium works with Hawai'i state and county government agencies to enable them to conduct state business online and improve public access to government information.
Record of Deaths, Honolulu: 1886-1892, 25, Hawai'i State Department of Health; Friend, September 1889.
Special guest artists include Japan-based concert pianist Lisa Nakamichi, the Hawai'i State Ballet dancers, and Caribbean drummer Sango, who will premiere composer Nell McKay's festive new work for orchestra and conga.
On the independent status of OHA, see Anne Feder Lee, The Hawai'i State Constitution: A Reference Guide (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993), p.
The reports are located at the Hawai'i State Archives and the Hawaiian Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
The Hawai'i State Assessment is an annual testing program that measures student progress on Hawai'i's reading, writing, and mathematics standards.
with Hawai'i Theatre Center, Hawai'i Opera Theatre and Diamond Head Theatre; Yves Saint-Laurent with Honolulu Academy of Arts; Chanel with Honolulu Symphony; Gucci with The Contemporary Museum; Tod's with Hawai'i State Art Museum; Boucheron with 'lolani Palace, Hawai'i Public Radio and Hawai'i Public Television.