Haversian canal

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any of the many tiny canals that contain blood vessels and connective tissue and that form a network in bone

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Cross-section dimension of large Haversian canals of perimedullary zone in all long bones is bigger than in subperiosteal zone.
Histopathology revealed lamellated compact bone enclosing haversian canals, with osteocytes within the lacunae at places while empty lacunae at other places; suggestive of compact Osteoma.
Myeloid sarcomas are thought to arise from the migration of neoplastic cells from the bone marrow through Haversian canals.
9) Unaffected areas of the jaw in patients with BRONJ have prominent trabecular structures and smaller and fewer Haversian Canals.
The rubbery matrix found in people deficient of cholecalciferol does not provide sufficient trabecular and collagenous support but instead hydrates and expands the bone, causing an outward pressure on the internal Haversian canals and external periosteal covering, richly innervated with sensory pain fibres.