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any of the many tiny canals that contain blood vessels and connective tissue and that form a network in bone

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While studying the bone tissue, we drew attention to the osteons' shape, their location, the shape of the Haversian canals' transection, osteons' transformation, and other issues, the description of which, undoubtedly, is important in the comparative histology.
The inner and middle cortex is heavily remodelled by Haversian bone resulting from the secondary reconstruction of the primary periosteal bone.
The rubbery matrix found in people deficient of cholecalciferol does not provide sufficient trabecular and collagenous support but instead hydrates and expands the bone, causing an outward pressure on the internal Haversian canals and external periosteal covering, richly innervated with sensory pain fibres.
From the 30th to the 90th POD, the defect margins presented a compact bone structure with haversian systems and osteocytes (Figures 2 and 3).
Exudates were spread between bone trabecules and penetrated into Haversian channels.
The cortical microstructure contains Haversian canals, lacunae and vascular canals, which are defined as pores or cavities of the cortical bone.
In their turn, intra-osteon potentials obtained are uneven: a potential decrease has been observed at the level of Haversian canals, close to the compressed side, and their growth on the opposite, tensioned side of the bone.
Histological examination of this specimen revealed metaplastic ossification to lamellar bone with eosinophilic ossified matrix, lacunar spaces and haversian vascular canals characteristic of bone (Fig.
It consists of a network of lamellae parallel to each other mostly known as Haversian canals.
In the rare case of a biopsied bone island, the histology has shown compact lamellar bone with prominent Haversian canals.
The compact bone around it and in the diaphysis is formed by a series of Haversian systems (osteons).
Under polarized light microscopy and especially axial sections, the Haversian systems of the periosteum were of different sizes, had variable degrees of maturation, and contained immature bone.